Calling all Day Z survivors

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  1. anyone wanna play?
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    Been playing this again recently. Just got fucked by some glitch. I was in a heli and tried to change where I was seated in the heli and got ejected from the heli with no parachute. We went back and tried to look for my body and it wasn't there. Fortunately, I was able to get most of my stuff back with the exception of my gun within about an hour of scavenging.

    I try to stay off the public servers and tend to stick to private hives that I know are relatively hacker-free. Some are whitelisted.

    Steam name is kstigs.

    I have my own mumble server, but I usually go on a friend's to play DayZ with them.

    RiskyBusiness looks like he knows what he's talking about.

  3. I added you on Steam. Me n Full Melt are hopping on right now. It's a private hive n we both have good weapons. You should join us :cool:
  4. Anyone found a bow & arrow yet??
  5. this game is the shittttt

    heard a standalone version should be comin in a couple months
  6. Haha you really getting into there bro

  7. Standalone was supposed to come out in December. There's been a lot of hype about it but don't believe anything until it's confirmed. TBH I don't see the standalone coming out till summer but that's fine by me. I just hope they are using the time to make things run a bit more smooth.

    You should hop on with me n Full Melt some time. I'm always down to play with a group (especially if they are from GC).

  8. For real, man. Risky and I are always fuckin' shit up. You all should join us.
  9. We found five heli crash sites tonight in two hours. We managed to rack up 2 AS50s, 2 m249 SAWs with 4 belts of ammo, an MK Mod 48 O or whatever the hell it is. Probably more that I forgot. Find an offroad and a dirt bike and hop off for a quick server restart....

    ...or so we thought. Server restart gets fucked up and when I spawn back in, I am a fresh spawn. Hopefully Full Melt isn't a fresh spawn, cause that would mean the whole night down the drain lol. Still good fun though.
  10. Sounds like the admin rolled the server back or just reset everyone's character altogether.

  11. that's a bummer. but we started off today with nothing. we can do it again. maybe with you, too? :D
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    Dude that helicopter gameplay at the beginning with fuzzy poncho was the craziest thing that's ever happened to me in dayz.

    The 3 of us were flying around looking for a helicopter someone said had picked them up in the area. Risky and I as the the gunners and Fuzzy Poncho as the pilot. After a couple minutes we found it about 3000 m south of stary. We started shooting it. I must have hit it 3 or 4 times before I was out of ammo. It was smoking but still flying. As Fuzzy Poncho turned the heli around so risky could start shooting the other chopper started to return fire. It's first shots hit both Risky and I directly and we both decided bailing out and trying to bandage was our only option.

    At this point I don't now what happened to you Risky.

    As I was parachuting to the ground the heli turned its attention on me and started shooting at me then physically ran into me as I was falling. At this point I had broken legs, was at 500 blood and losing more rapidly. Eventually I landed near a treeline totally surprised I had survived. I looked up and the heli was hovering over me shooting. So I did the only thing I could. Shoot back at it with my m4a1 SD. To my supreme luck this scared it off. I could finally morphine myself and bandage. At around 380 blood.

    The heli took off after Fuzzy Poncho who I think was coming back to pick us up. Shot him out of the sky.

    I made my way to Risky who landed about 1200m away and had found 2 crash sites. We patched each other up, geared up with an as50 and a saw and camped out the area seeking revenge on all helicopters that passed.

    We later found all that other gear, another 3 crash sights, countless vehicles. Then as Risky said... We lost it all.
  13. I'm too tired to play now. I'll be on tomorrow around 10PM EST probably.What's your steam name again? I'll message you when I get on.
  14. Alright I'm tryna play this shit, soon, anyone gonna be on tonight?
  15. yea man
  16. Been playing on a whitelisted private hive server named US 310 Dallas (or something like that). Gotta register at CalmDown Gaming | Competitive Gaming to get on the whitelist. The whitelist goes by your in game name (not GUID or BattleEye ID), so make sure to use the same name.

    There are way more vehicles than usual and the vehicles/tents survive restarts so you can potentially save a helicopter in some remote area of the map that someone won't think to look. We've taken to blowing up helicopters that aren't ours (even if they're parked and in good condition) since we like to maintain "air superiority". :p

    I haven't seen any hacking in the week I've been playing on it and the loot tables for the guns haven't been touched. Snipers are rare and my group of buddies only has one M107 at the moment. We have a good bit of M14 AIMs though.
  17. Hey guys, I'm officially kicking off this GC faction. SurvivalUnion recently got a new Taviana server, and I'd love to recruit some of you guys to kick ass with me! The only problem is we're allowed a maximum of only 7 people per faction, including myself. Please PM me and include some details about how often you play, skill level, and what time zone you live in. This will pretty much be a first-come first-serve sorta thing, unless you live in some wildly different time zone and we'd never see each other.
  18. Finally! :D I'm so down for this,except I never play on the Taviana server. I'm usually on chernarus and me and some buddies just fixed up a transport heli! Ill join GC faction, but ill be the part that works on chernarus. Can't send a PM since I'm on my phone

    Edit: I can send PMs on my phone, lol I'm stoned sorry! :)
  19. Can someone PM me the pw for survivalunion? I've been playing for a few days now and I'm finally getting the hang of it. Good times!

  20. Sweet! I'll hop on Chernarus today and we can play if you're down. I'm down for either server, my character on Chernarus is pretty damn geared up right now. I think I've had him almost a month now. :hello:

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