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  1. The beta thing comes with Arma: CO.

  2. If you use your mic over side chat, everyone will hear it. Most servers don't allow it. If you use your mic in direct chat then only people close to you will hear it. If you use Teamspeak, only those in your teamspeak channel can hear it.
  3. Love this game. Found a hatchet and enfield and a bike within an hour. Sucks how the zombies move so fast. But love how they don't eat you but punch you lol. It's quite a laugh when I'm dying. Anyone found a better silent weapon that the hatchet?

  4. honestly the hatchet is solid against zombies because it's silent and a one hit kill. Not so well against other players. Be careful about shooting Enfields. They are one of the loudest guns in the game, and attract a shit load of zombies.

    Had a fun run tonight with Full Melt. Ended up finding an AS50 for my first time :D can't wait to kill some sucker with it tomorrow lol

  5. Word, man. That was a lot of fun. Really action packed from the very beginning.

    I always played lone wolf before but the game really shines in a group.
  6. Should have picked up Arma II during winter sale, im such a idiot. The one game i forgot to pick up lol

    Im surprised that the mod is still free..... Id imagine most players would be happy to pay lol
  7. what server u guys on?
  8. if u buy and download arma combined op and download dayz commander, do u still need to download the dayzmod from or does dayzcommander do all that for u

  9. jeez dude you make this harder than it needs to be :p

    from what i remember, all I did was download Arma II:CO from steam, which it then downloaded Arma II, Arma II OA and Arma II OA Beta. After it was downloaded I then went to the DayZ Commander website, where it say at the top of the home page

    The only tool you need to download and play DayZ.

    So, if you already spent the money on Arma II, then just download dayzcommander.

    If you ask another question about how to get this game, without installing dayzcommander first, then I am going to go on a bambi killing rampage.

    have you even purchased Arma II: CO yet?

  10. Fo sho! It got bananas when you went to get your girl. An enemy chopper had shot our chopper down. I was the only one who died, the other two guys we were playing with lived. I think the chopper that shot us down had landed to loot, or do something, and fuzzy and evan (i think those were their names) ended up stealing that grounded chopper and picked me up.

    I gots work tonight till like 10 (central time) so I'll be on from when I get home till about 12 if ya wanna play again.
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    How to install DayZ - DayZ Wiki

    For sure homie. I was sad to miss it.

    As soon as I come back you kill some dude in a pickup like 40 meters from where I spawned in. I still laugh thinking about how long it took for dude to confront you about it, lol.

    I will be on then. Get at me on steam.

  12. hahahaaha my bad man i just really wanna get this shit right. i looked online and there were a bunch of different ways to install it plus people having issues. i have arma II CO and am just gonna download dayz commander
  13. ONE LAST QUESTION I SWEAR. do i need to play arma II and operation arrowhead once and run steam as administrator first before installing dayz commander?

  14. Yeah, you need to run both of them first.
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    I'll give you some tips that you should read before you get started. Refresh this page in ten minutes, ima edit this post

    Don't waste your time crawling through small towns to avoid zombies. I run straight through those towns and whatever zombies are still following me when I get away from the towns I either kill or just run in a bush. I've let zombies run after me for minutes at a time simply because they are no threat when you are running.

    Basic Controls
    W - Walk Forward, double tap to sprint
    S - Walk Backward
    A - Walk Sideways
    D - Walk Right
    Z - Prone (on your belly)
    X - Croutch
    C - Stand
    Q - Upper body peaks to the left; rolls to the left if you are prone
    E - Upper body peaks to the right; rolls to the right if you are prone
    Shift - If you are running, hold shift to walk, and vice versa. Double tap shift to toggle between running and walking. This applies to crouching and being prone as well.

    The + key on the numeric keypad allows you to zoom in. I THINK you can double tap to stay zoomed in, not sure.

    Enter on the numeric keypad allows you to toggle between first person and third person.

    Left click is the action button (to shoot, select an option)
    Right click allows you to zoom in
    Scroll wheel - Not sure how to describe this, but the scroll wheel is very important. If there are items on the ground, it allows you to see what they are. When you scroll on a dead body (player or zombie) you can check the gear (by clicking gear) or hide the body. The body moves a few feet down, thus causing it to disappear most of the time.

    The game takes a minute to load. DO NOT SWITCH SCREENS WHEN THE GAME IS LOADING. When you spawn in, it tells you your location for like five seconds. If you miss your location, then you'll have no idea where you are or where the fuck to go. It will say something like

    Day 0

    The xxxxx's are your location. Remember that so you can check the map with the link I will provide down below.

    When I spawn in, I press Z right away (so I go prone) so I can try and figure out where the fuck I am on the map. Here is the map (Learn what the colors and shapes mean):

    You usually spawn up along the southern coast, although sometimes you can spawn on the east coast or even a little bit north of the south coast in the woods, but this is rare.

    The two popular cities (probably the two most popular in Chernarus) are Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk. Crazy names, right? Well they are better known as Cherno and Elektro. Elektro is the big southern town on the right and Cherno is the even bigger town to the left of Cherno.

    Supermarket - You can find food, pistol and Lee Enfield ammo, map, knife, matches, watch, binoculars, tent, Czech and ALICE packs, drink, flashlights, and I think that's about it.
    Knife - Used to skin animals (you have to kill the animal first)
    Matches - Used to start logs on fire
    Map - Map of chernarus Veteran servers will not show you your location, but regular servers will.
    Watch - Tells you the time of day
    ALICE PACK - 26 slotted back pack (I think it's 26)
    Czech Backpack - 20 slotted back pack (I think it's 20)

    Hospital You find medical gear here:
    Blood Bags - Used to give blood to another player. Completely restores the persons blood, no matter how low on blood they are. YOU CANNOT GIVE BLOOD TO YOURSELF, YOU NEED ANOTHER PLAYER.
    Epi-Pen - Used to wake somebody up if they are unconscious. YOU CANNOT EPI-PEN YOURSELF. YOU NEED ANOTHER PLAYER.
    Bandages - Used to stop bleeding. You can bandage yourself, and other players as well.
    Painkillers - Used to stop your character from shaking violently in first person.
    Morphine - Used to fix a broken leg. You can give morphine to yourself, and other players as well.

    Firestation - Can find some decent weapons (AK weapons, M4/M16 weapons, Mp5, to name a few) as well as ammo and food and drink.

    well shit. I typed a lot more than I thought I would. I would also like to say so I am going to stop there. Maybe I'll write more later
  16. word good looks. ive been watching some videos and reading that wiki guide to get the basics down
  17. DayZ Map - DayZDB

    That link will definitely help out. The interface is easy enough. Vehicles on the map represent POSSIBLE vehicle spawns. The colours let you know if farm, military, industrial or residential loot will spawn at that certain place and the size of the dot on the map represents how much or the quality of loot that will spawn there.

    Click on whatever one you're interested in and it will tell you what spawns there. you can also research the loot by clicking on it.
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    ^ will check that out, thanks.

    i think ive got pretty much everything down just gonna have to play around with the looting/bag stuff a bit

    edit: Wow, that really helps Risky, thankyou for that. +reppin u guys when i get back on computer
  19. playing now, works great

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