Calling all Day Z survivors

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  1. im still down for this :D
  2. Playing right now on a server with 1400+ vehicles. Shits so fun. Cars litter the streets and helicopters litter the runways and fields. All cars usually need at least a tire if not more, and helis need glass at the very least. Not to mention it usually has 30+ players. If anyone wants to team up... Running_Naked on steam.
  3. so if you download combined operations on steam it comes with the day z mod right

  4. Nah, gotta download the mod homie.
    go to, pretty simple.
  5. so i dont need combined operations?
  6. [quote name='"Ryan Donnelly"']so i dont need combined operations?[/quote]

    Yeah you do.
  7. so i download combined operations on steam, then download the mod from that website and then what
  8. After you have downloaded Arma II, download DayZCommander
  9. do people use mics in this game or do u have to use ventrilo
  10. Most people use mics and some servers have teamspeak/ ventrilo

  11. Go to the mods website. I'm pretty sure it's From there you download DayZCommander, then use that to install various DayZ maps and play.
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    so i download the dayzmod from and then download dayzcommander

    also would this work fine on 64bit windows 7?
  13. Yea it works fine on 64bit windows 7.
  14. Anyone wanna play?
  15. i looked at the wiki and it says you need the arma 2 beta as well as combined operations to install day z?
  16. [quote name='"Ryan Donnelly"']i looked at the wiki and it says you need the arma 2 beta as well as combined operations to install day z?[/quote]

    Dude yeah
  17. word just gonna do the winrar way
  18. Well I don't know about the beta part actually.
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    Anyone want to play on chernarus with me?

    I was playing as a good guy today and every time I would try to help someone out they would kill me so im ready to stop playing lone wolf style.
  20. i know theres direct communication and group chat and global chat but who can hear you when you use your mic in game

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