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calling all college potheads

Discussion in 'General' started by Wandersteve, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. so i'm thinking about taking 18 hours this semester. it's my third year and i'm a little behind. i plan on smoking a few times on the weekends though. it will save me money, time, and since i'll only be doing it a few times a week, none of that shitty dirtweed. only the best (that i can find).

    i think college folk make up a good percentage of stoners. they are mostly english majors though. heh, i'm not sure about that one, but thats my major anyway.

    And now, a few questions, for whoever:

    do you blame pot for lack of schoolwork motivation? I used to, but i'm a procrastinator anyway, so i just have to watch myself as to not get behind in any classes.

    what's your major?

    and now, a good quote about work from Voltaire: "Work spares us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need."

    but what is work, really?

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