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calling all blunt smokers.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by digital022, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I usually smoke out of glass pieces, but I have been having the urge to smoke a blunt. We usually use swisher sweets but I was looking for some alternatives.

    Blunt experts please recommend me some slow burning cigars.
    and white owls according to rappers is the best. i used one once and it was real good
  3. Can never go wrong with grape swishes
  4. phillies or you can put some dank in the mini swishers but they are harder to roll

  5. ++rep
  6. dutch master
  7. Get wraps
  8. vanilla games kick ass
  9. get something with an inner and outer wrapper, they burn much slower when rolled well.

    my personal favorite has got to be the game vinila cigarillo, plus they come in a really nice air tight pouch , so you don't have issues with them being stale.... unlike the nasty kingpin i just rolled with....
  10. Royals. They're amazing.
  11. grape dutch yooo!!!!!!!!!
  12. Where Im at games and dutches are always stale and peach optimo singles are always the freshest, but optimos are about the same cigar as swishers i think. Try some flavored papers. I used to smoke blunts all the time but the get nasty after a while. I like pickin up a pack of blueberry or strawberry can taste the weed better out of them.
  13. I love swishers cause they're so damn easy to roll but if you hav the ability, Strawberry Dutches are the shiznit.

  14. hahahahaha you don't belong on this thread bro :smoking::D
  15. get a backwood, game. I would try to find a spot that sells whole tobacco leaves, u would be surprised how big and soft they are if u get and keep them fresh, me and my boys been smokin a leaf for a few days now, theyre probably worth around 40 blunts, and if u want u could roll a quap in one.
  16. Never rolled/smoked a blunt before.
    I've seen those pre-rolled blunt cones from Juicy Jay's and some other brands.
    Are those any good?
  17. Swisherr Sweets.

    I had a peach optimo and it burned slow.
  18. I just got back from the tobacco shop. Their cigar selection consisted mainly of swishers, and philles.

    I purchased a peach optimo and a strawberry swisher, but I am lost when you guys say dutches or game vanilla cigs, are these a regional thing? Cuz I'm in So cal and have never really heard of these and they weren't available at the cigar shop.

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