Calling all blades/bladies NAME MY BABY

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  1. Ok blades/bladies so here's the situation. My beautiful girlfriend and I are having a baby (we aren't sure if it's a boy or a girl yet) on August 8th (this date is subject to change) ,and we want our child to have a unique name (nothing stupid but something cool) ,so your job is to give one girl and one boy name that is unique (and bad ass) and we will pick the "winner" so to speak before our beautiful baby is born. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. 

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    I knew some guy I went to school with called Kai (he spelled it that way for some reason). Real talk, he was a bad ass... anyways, originally his name was Caius. Not sure how well you (or your child) might like that.
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  4. Boy AND girl names please guys. Keep 'em comin' :laughing: .
  5. name it hector
  6. Girl: Sanjoanne
    Boy: Sanrowan
  7.  Thanks for trying ,but please try again.
    Not at all original ,and besides I was looking for a unique boy and girl name.
    Reminded me of the band meatloaf ,but sorry friend no dice. Please give me a good girl and boy name.
    "no stupid names". Come on friend don't be a troll. Give me a GOOD and UNIQUE boy and girl name.
    Why don't you just come up with your own? It's your child, after all...
  9. I always like the name Josiah for some reason. Nd for a girl name idk Bethany sounds kinda nice haha
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    No :laughing: .
    Because we want something "different" (nothing normal) and what better than to ask my stoner friends on grasscity ,and if nothing good comes up here then we'll name the child ourselves (which we're already in the process of doing so). Thanks for your concern though friend.
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    name it Buzzwell
  12. call your kid Godthats pushing the boundaries, especially if its a girl
  13. Nope.
  14. Why?
    No and why?
  15. [quote name="Delightfully High" post="19468390" timestamp="1391586444"]Why?No and why?[/quote]well think about it naming your kid after a religions prophet is pretty standard (eg mohammed) yet no on seems to have the balls to name their kid god lolAnd if you have a daughter thatll annoy certain people even more lolIm only joking though in all seriousness though man dont name your kid something really unique/weird I think its harsh on the kid, if youre going for something different just be careful
  16. Boy: Ashwin
    Girl: Celeste

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