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  1. so my friends birthday is tomorrow, and we're going to have a big wop [jungle juice]. well, not really a big wop, but just about 30-40 people. i need some good recipes for a wop.

    does anyone have any good ideas for me?
  2. generally: everclear and fruity bullshit

    my taste: everclear, hawaiian punch, pineapple juice, orange sherbert, and some melon.

    but i'm a snobby asshole. everclear + fruity bullshit
  3. Everclear, koolaid mix, pineapple juice, strawberry or raspberry sherbet if you can find it (if not, orange is fine too), blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, cherries, apples. All kinds of fruit is the best.
    Mix it to taste in whatever you're putting it in. Put everything in except the sherbet. Add that right before the party.
    Let it soak for a day or two.
    Add the sherbet.
    Then you can eat the sherbet, drink the drink, and eat the fruit. And you'll be drunk as shit.
  4. rum + wkd = cheeky vinto?

    Sorry can't really help not a drinker :eek:
  5. Fat Frogs all the way.

    Blue wiked, Orange Bacardi breezer and clear smirnoff ice. Mix equal amounts together. It's amazing!
  6. Pink Panty droppers. Sounds like a bitch drink, which it kind of is, but gets you pretty smashed. We made a hug 5 liter jug of it last summer for my friends 18th and we had a keg too, which only got halfway killed.
    Basic Recipe
    Pink Lemonade

    Mix it all up and taste it as you go until it's just right :)
  7. Let me elaborate, since you have not measurements

    Ive usaully done it like this

    Case of Beer

    Liter of Vodka

    2-3 Frozen lemonades
  8. Go with the standard of Everclear with lots of citrus. Start with the liquor and keep adding mixer until it tastes good.
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    i just do greyhounds and screwdrivers haha.

    and beer, lots of beer.
  10. Just mix Jones Lemon Drop soda and Southern Comfort.
    Now thats the best drink, hands down
  11. Kinda heard of the same thing. But at Mizzou we called it Bo-nade. Cant remember if thats how they spelled it.

    But its a 12 Pack of Wheat Beer

    Gallon of Lemonade or Pink Lemonade

    5th of Vodka
  12. Buy a few big watermelons, your favorite fruits, and a LOT of vodka or rum, whatever you like better. We sometimes put kool aid or punch in too.

    Open the watermelon up (save the piece you cut) so you can scoop most of the insides out, and then pour in all your chopped up fruits and liquor, punch, kool aid. Put the cut piece back on and let it all sit in the fridge for a couple days.

    Night of your party, open it up and get fucked up.
  13. we made it a few different ways depending on how much money we had the best tasting one was the most expensive and it was everclear and like 5 different fruity liquors then fresh fruit and a bunch of expensive fruit juices. it was really good but super expensive.

    then the cheap one was like 10 bottles of everclear and that cheap juice that comes in gallon milk jug things. it tasted like shit and when i got off work at 10pm every bathroom in our house had people puking/passed out in them and only like 10 out of the 30 people were not passed out.
  14. As a struggling booze hound my choice is to just buy the cheapest with the most alcohol content.
    As it's for a party; I was playing around with mixtures a few summers ago and it went something like this: OJ, Gin and champagne.
    I dont know if its a real drink or the specific measurements, but equal parts in a tall glass seemed to do the trick. I was out by midnight, regrettably. So many use less gin in that case.
  15. thanks guys! keep it coming! i'll run it by my friend tomorrow and we'll make a decision.
  16. Here we call that Summer Brew and instead of frozen lemonade you get one of those small canisters of Country Time lemonade (regular not the pink lemonade) and we use the 1.75 liter. Beer, vodka and lemonade sounds like it would be disgusting together but it absolutely delicious, honestly it tastes more lemonade than anything else.

    I don't drink too much these days. But I used to love making Jungle Juice (JJ is one of those things that everyone seems to make different). Everclear is nice but I tend to use vodka because it's what I always used from the start and never converted over to everclear.

    Anyway, my JJ is:

    1 canister of grape koolaid mix (this ends up making the drink taste mostly grape, but you taste the other stuff a bit too)
    3 gallons of "Fruit Juicy Red" Hawaiian Punch
    1 can of Dole Pineapple Juice (the bigger size, I think it's 46 or 48 oz)
    1.75-2.5 liter of vodka (I actually like Dimitri vodka, for a cheap vodka it's not bad)
    A bunch of ice
    Sugar, to taste...careful, we used to use a lot of sugar but it has the potential to twist your gut up with all that alcohol mixed with too much sugar

    People love our jungle juice but it's a little expensive so if you aren't charging for cups it may not be what you're looking for. Summer Brew might be more down your alley.
  17. This is very simple and very yummy.

    Coor's Light (don't know why, just what I use and tastes good)
    Smirnoff Ice

    Mix 1:1 ratio smells like beer, tastes amazing though, basically like drinking pop.

    Though, it's probably more expensive then anything else listed.

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