Calling a woman out?

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  1. My ex and i broke up about 7 weeks ago and i have moved on... for the most part. We still text occasionally and see each other once a week or so. I have posted on GC many times about this lady so this time i am going to skip all the details... In a moment of weakness one night when she was texting me goodnight i replied with an, "i love you and idc if the truth makes you feel weird." She replies, "it doesn't. i still love you too."

    My question is, do i ask her, "what did you mean the other night when you told me that you still loved me?"

    i told her to call me or come over tonight when she gets off of work because i need to talk to her about something but now i am having second thoughts...
  2. I would take that with a grain of salt. She'll start really proclaiming her love whe she sees you've moved on. Y'all could still probably be fuckbuddies, though.
  3. Ya my buddy said, "Man if you want her though, nothing will get her back like acting you've moved on. And if you don't want her, gotta move on anyway."

    Think it makes a difference that i took her V card?
  4. I don't know. Maybe now she has unconditional internal love for you, nice going..:cool:

  5. Don't ya feel like if this was true we would be together and never broken up?
  6. ^Exactly. It's very rare that sex and love combine to make that holy union. You have to be realistic about it.

  7. and thats what im trying to do. just cant figure out if i should ask her, "why did you say you love me the other night?" or to just let it alone.
  8. Just to wrap this up... she told me she loved me as a friend so i asked her to just add the as a friend thing because comments like that make it harder for me to get over her. i said that very nicely; its hard to tell by the way i typed that.

    We end up hanging out all day yesterday. At about 8 we are just about to smoke a bowl and put on another movie when someone calls her.... she answers and her eyes light up and my stomach drops. i knew that it was a dude, i could hear his voice :(

    she told me like two days ago that she had no plans of seeing anybody. i asked her many times and she knew that it would hurt me a lot and she respected that, at least thats what she said.

    i immediately said while she is on the phone, "oh gawd, im getting ditched for becca's new squeeze." she acted like she couldnt hear me but i didnt let it go. when she hung up i called her out and i could see it in her eyes... she likes this guy. she tried beating around the bush and i looked her in the eye and told her, "becca, i dated you for well over a year, i know when you are lying. just tell me the fucking truth." she did and i sorta flipped. I was mad because i was lied to and so hurt at the same time. i told her that i dont want to see her for awhile. guess i wont. i hate life

    in the same moment i want to spend the rest of my life with her and wish she would die. this sucks so bad. im ditching work for a week and going back to my home town to be with my family.

    I know im a noob on GC so i hope this isnt a total ,,,cool story bro,,, thing. i just wanted to wrap the thread up.

    life sucks duck
  9. Dude whatever you do, don't pull an OJ on her.

  10. haha, thought about it. not going to though
  11. whatever... just wait till she gets with the other dude and make her cheat in him with you. it wont fix anything but it will make you feel better trust me.
  12. Dude, you cannot be mad at her. Would you of preferred her sleeping around behind your back? Once its done for someone its done, no matter how you chop it up on the other side. Its sad, but nature is nature, lots of women out there, you just have to show them respect =).
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    Dude, stop calling her out on stuff. Don't ask her about other guys, don't even ask her what she did yesterday. Don't seem needy or hurt at all, ESPECIALLY if you are. If you can't move on, pretend to. Play your cards right and you'll have her back in bed, act like a heartbroken little girl and you'll look like a heartbroken little girl (not attractive at all).

    P.S. I'm not trying to be an asshole at all, just a bit of advice from a guy that had to learn it the hard way ;)

    Now go gettum tiger :hello:

    Edit: And no "jokingly" calling her out either, it's transparent as glass. The fact that she feels like she needs to hide certain things from you should be telling you something right there.

    We've all been there dude, you'll get over her eventually and you'll get your heart broken many more times, oh yea. Time heals all. And if none of that helps cheer you up, I'm sure the last I got laid was long before the last time you did so at least you have that. No matter how much I fucking hate my cheating bioch of an ex girlfriend i wish she were here right now for some of that good ole heave hoe. ;)
  14. And this thread is why people in their 20's should not get into "serious" relationships. You dont have any clue as to what you want in life, career, or relationships. Yet kids try to play house and fail.

  15. True that. Though we cannot help our ignorance, emotion, nor that voice in our pants :D
  16. the more i read in this section of gc, the more i learn from others mistakes and experiences.

    Edit: op, sorry that this post contributes basically nothing to u, im just sayin, i feel for u.

    fuck it, imma rep yo ass.

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