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calling a new dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xCaseyCakes, May 29, 2009.

  1. So a friend of mine's boyfriend sells some really good sour d (he grows it.) I've smoked his bud with him and a few other people but I've never called him myself. I got his number from his girlfriend. Would it be impolite if I texted him and asked to buy? I'd take the train or a bus to wherever he wanted to meet.

    Sorry if that's a stupid question, I've had the same dealer for 3+ years and I'm really sick of getting the same shit all the time.
  2. if he chops then its not impolite, but make sure you mention your friend's name
  3. Don't text, call. When you call, don't use a private number. Ask him what's up and tell him who gave you the number, then ask for how much you'd like.
  4. Sounds fine, just explain how you know him/how you got the number and ask if he would be willing to hook you up.
  5. Just ask your friend to ask him if he wants a new customer or not
  6. same happened to me and i picked up off him yesterday.Ask him where he wants to meet you,Saph my new dealer met me at the bus stop near his estate.As long as when you ring this guy you tell him who you are and the exact amount you want it'll be fine and if he gives a good draw then he could become your regular dealer and when you fancy something different ring your other dealer :) p.s sorry for all the and's im kinda buzzin.Found a ben in my trouser pocket :p musta been from y-day
  7. call dont txt, just say hi im X, remember from (insert last time you saw each other), think i could get a gram off you?

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