calling a liar out at work

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  1. work at a restaurant work with a guy that lies about everything he talks about to his age to wining the purple heart , today he called me two faced for some fuckin reason so tomorrow when I see him i wanna call him out on all his lies ... to do or not to do? i really feel like doing it, but not out in public but 1 on 1 hes not the boss so nothing to lose right?... good idea or not. and i shouldnt lose anything right?

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    Peace and love. Rise above. Two wrongs doesn't make a right. Be the bigger man.

    Yada yada.

    Or teach this guy that lying isn't cool and tell him to stop being such an ass. Meh, either way. ;D Just remember that you're probably still gonna have to work with him, and he's obviously already got pretty low self esteem.

    If you've had other issues with him, though, you should probably try to at least talk it out.
  3. Do it

    I love callin people out

    actual two facers and liars suck
  4. Eh, I would have called his bull shit right there and thrown it back in his face. Nothing better then leaving someone speechless after you put their dick in the dirt.
    Guess it depends on the whole situation man. Good luck and sorry I didn't help any.
  5. Be witty and prove he is a lying sack of shit do not make a scene.
  6. Id ignore it. You have nothing to gain from it.

  7. Me too. Why make your work environment more hostile? I guess maybe if you could find a way to light-heartedly call him out so that you don't come out of it looking like a douche. :confused_2:
  8. Do this to him with your co workers
    [ame=]Don't Be A Menace "But I do!" - YouTube[/ame]

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