Callin' all Skateboarders!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by John John, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Don't you love to blaze one before a good sesh?! I LOVE IT!

    I can't film unless I have a little delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol in my system.

    Also, share your years of experience. Me? I've got 9 years under my belt both in ganjika and skateboarding.


    ^^^ Thats me doing one of my favorite tricks, a frontside BLUNTslide, ha ha ha!
  2. I be cruisin' on my sector9 ain't nothin like a high cruise.
  3. skating for like 5 and tokin for like less than one haha. man i cant SKATE when im stoned, but i love longboarding when i am XD just like surfing in the clouds
  4. I only longboard, mostly just cruising and carving but now and then I'll throw the slide gloves on and have a good slide session. I love hitting my dugout while boarding, cars think its a cig. and everythings good
  5. i just got back into skateboarding street i fuckin love it

    i tripped acid and went longboarding for the first time and that pretty much changed my life so anything on a board now i love doin

    especially with mj :)
  6. haha NICE
  7. i used ot be into street but now im always shredding up my joel tudor pro model, has a built in joint roller ahah
  8. reading this made me wanna bust out my board. too badi cant skate high:smoking:
  9. ahha thought I was special, smoke weed and skate all the time, but that time I was on acid and couldn't sleep, I went out as the sun was rising and bombed the hill next to my house. So beautiful, craziest thing was halfway down I realized the street was covered in glass from a raging party the night before, but I decided it was better to stay committed and it worked out haha:smoking:
  10. woah that looks sick.

    i also like how the photograph is composed.
  11. baller skating

    You're that dude who's visited KCMO, right? Yeah, you are that muthafucka, ha ha!

    Ok, you got some skills and I got some constructive criticism that I'am going to keep to myself until hit a sesh together.

    I know that dock/escalator ledge is some where downtown, right? I haven't found it yet and I got no leads.

    You fuckin' killed that red rail, that thing was almost taller than you! (I give you props 'cause I stay away from handrails, but I'm starting to get into 'em) And the kickflip ender was good, but its hard to see how big the stairs are, so I'm not that impressed yet 'cause I only see the height of it. You should do a different trick on it from a low side angle.

    So yeah, what I'm sayin' is, hit me up whenever you're going to be on your way here again and I'll have a little smo- *EHEM!* SKATE sesh with ya. :smoke:
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    Dude!! I'm wakin up early tomorrow to go skate the park when no ones there... and im getting SO HIGH before!! It's so calm listenin to the iPod and cruisin the bowls...

    I always used to skate street but I've been loving vert/bowls lately...

    heres a pic of me heel flipping this gap at the park... it's sketchy yeah but this was about 2 months ago, and way cleaner now
    I've been skating for probably 2 years seriously, but like 5 all together.

    and here's a front 5-0 without scrape haha

    idk how to make it smaller sorry :(

    p.s. bluntslides OWN!!! nose blunts... you ever see almost cheese and crackers?!?!
  14. hell yahhh sonnn i been skating for about 6 years

    was stoned as shit when i did this

  15. That shit's pretty old, I'm taller and have a better style now, and alot of tricks in that part were just thrown in so the part would be a bit longer. But yeah that dock is right off 8th street, I forget the other cross street though. And i go up to KC a fair bit so we should skate together man.

    Edit: That double set is so fucking janky. Cracks everywhere, sandpaper runup and landing, super narrow run up landing everything, it's just a fucking bitch to skate, Im not to hyped to go back there anytime soon. I feel kinda gay about saying this, but that kickflip was pretty epic, at least to me haha
  16. [​IMG] been skatin like 6 or 7 years, this spot is sick pop up into it axle stall to fs flip.
  17. I def saw this posted on skateperception within the past few days.
  18. Skateperception holla! my other fav website besides grasscity!
  19. haha yah hit me up on sp my username is skate man

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