Callin' all ATL tokers!

Discussion in 'General' started by Cyric99, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Yo whattup, I'm gonna be moving to the Atl area pretty soon here, more specifically around Kennesaw, and I was wondering what I can expect for prices down there, and what I can expect for quality.

    So if anyone around the area can post back here, that would be great, thanks!
  2. Im around Macon, prices are usually 25$-1/4, 50$-1/2 100-Oz for mids, Atlanta's prices should be lower than that...
  3. Oh wow, my buddy down there says he buys mids for $50-1/4 ounce. Hahahaha, that's really bad... but I'm more interested in the kb.
  4. Augusta Here. Prices here suck. . . . .50 quarter mids. . . . . . . . .100 quarter nugs.
  5. I live in kennesaw, I probably shouldn't have said that... lol!
    prices around here: difference.

    There are 2 main areas to Kennesaw: One is the niceass expensive as hell area, the other is the urban yoyoyo area.
    I used to buy from both, but downtown, for some reason, started having alot of white narcs. Thusly, the blacks stopped selling to me or anyone else from the other side.

    usually though, kindbud, dank and dro can only be had in the area surrounding harrison and kennesaw mountain HS.

    prices: around 15-25/gram for dank, dro or kindbud. I just got a half o of dank for 150. So not great, but not too abd either... anywyas, send me a pm if you want to know anything, and hope you like living here!

    PS- cops around kennesaw are a real problem. also, if you've got shrooms, try shrooming and climbing kennesaw mountain, it's beautiful in the fall.
  6. yea kind bud(kb) is deffinitly worth it but i wouldent pay more than 50 for about 3 1/2 grams i mean thats what i paid in Athens
  7. What up boys...I just moved to Douglasville...don't know anyone cause i'm in college...haha hit me up...need to kadern
  8. I have been hearing that Alma(don't know where this is)is getting overfested with dank out there.
  9. Alma? Never heard of it in my life... I have a pretty reliable connect for dank right now... nothing really mind blowing comming around, though.
  10. Im not sure about prices but i have a friend who lives in decatur and he brings some of the ATL shit up here and it is some bomb shit.
  11. i live up north of atlanta but i have to drive to the "A" to get good shit...i get a ounce of Dro for $140, half for $75...purple thrax is about $550 a ounce....

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