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  1. A few months ago i had a friend over in my yard to smoke. The two of us sit on my stoop while i roll and spark a gotti(7g blunt) before seeing some kids coming down the street. We didnt recognize them so we moved out little session to the backyard. Continuing with passing the bowl around we hear voices coming closer to us. The sound escalades and then drops to an awkward silence.
    At this time i feel suspicious and immediatly put out my blunt and tell my friend to ninja it with me into the shed. Once inside i shut the door behind us and hold it shut tight. After sitting there for a few minutes we think nobody is coming. My friend makes a motion for the door but i block myself in front of it and shake my head, neither of us said a word but we both looked alerted when we heard a murmur. We waited a minute more before i felt someone trying to open the door from the outside. I phoned 911 and pushed the door the opposite way so it would stay shut, I then felt the door return back to rest and it grew quiet again.
    Suddenly an image appeared at the back window of the shed. As a result we ducked into the corner and against the door holding it shut. We pulled it in to try to stop them. Then they banged on the back window trying to break it but failing. While this was happening someone tried to open the door again, this time they were stronger, i felt myself getting weak but before losing hope screamed i called the police when you first arrived in my backyard, they should be here in a minute or two, Id get the fuck out of here if i were you.
    The one at the window stopped but the one at the door continued to try to gain entry, after a minute or two they stopped and it grew quiet. Then i heard voices being raised and then someone tried opening the door again, this time cracking it a foot before i can pull it back shut, my friend passes me a bat but i let it drop to the floor, the person pulls again and i let him open it with my fist right behind it and got him in the face. Then i pulled back and shut the door behind me. I got some blood on my hand and wiped it off on the inside of my shirt. My friend and i waited impatiently for another motion at the door.
    I heard sirens coming closer and knew it was time to do something with the half smoked
    blunt in my hand and my friend both smelling like weed. I opened the door and pointed at my gate, my friend left asap and i yelled to him ill call you when this blows over, then i pocketed the clipped blunt in my leather pocket, and took off the jacket, I threw this on the table and walked up to the cop that arrived in front of my house.
    I told him exactly what happened except for the weed part, he didnt smell anything or see any damage. In the middle of this conversation a second officer shows up. Both examine the shed and property to conclude that something happened here but its not obvious what. Then the cops sat down at the table where i had my jacket and pulled out a notapad and asked me to breifly re-describe what happened while the second cop wrote every word down. After that we said out goodbyes and i walked inside. After 15-20 minutes the cops left the front of my house and i called my friend who came over to finish that blunt immediatly after. This time we smoked it on my roof.
    Im still surprised the cops didnt smell weed at all, my room smelt like blunt just from walking in there with the blunt in my jacket pocket. I never found out who came into my yard that day either, i saw one for a second when i hit him but i dont remember how he looked or anything. Being inside that shed was some scary shit, for a second i thought i was going to die in there.
  2. Man thats wierd. At least you didnt eat the blunt and saved it for later haha
  3. That's pretty crazy, I'd really like to know wtf their problem was. Maybe they knew you had weed?
  4. I think they smelt it, a fat blunt like that they might have seen. We were never bothered smoking in the front yard except for that one time. Bad moment though, if it wasnt a blunt like that we wouldnt have stuck around, and if it wasnt a blunt we wouldnt be outside. I just want to know who it was at least they wasted the first half of the blunt, the police kill your high automatically, once they turn on their sirens, but two motherfuckers messing me with me and my friend anihilated my high
  5. damn thats crazy. i'm guessin it was those kids you said you saw near your stoop? but yeah i guess they knew you had weed. fuck that good job man. you shoulda busted open the door and started swingin that bat though hahaha. jk. sorta. hope you enjoyed that blunt :smoking:

    edit. oh sucks they killed your high
  6. that is a very strange story. someone must have known you had bud
  7. Fuck bro if it were up to me, I'd swing that bat like no tomorrow and beat the living shit out of any punks trespassing on my property... I mean regardless if the police were called or not, if the fucks refused to leave your property, you have every right (assuming you're American) to pretty much defend your shit, (I think? ahah)
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    I hope so. If they were coming for me then thank god they gave up so fast. The last place i'd think to get robbed would be chilling outside my house.
    edit: Also in my area im known somewhat, and i know a variety of people. Some criminals live in my immediate neighborhood and if it had something to do with any of them i would have been fucked for messing them up really bad. This would be the same group that sold me laced shit without telling me. And if i pulled a bat i still have all the what ifs to think about, like what if they had something bigger, or a gun. It doesnt matter now but on the spot some of that ran though my head which lead me to think pulling a bat on someone whos trying to break down your door might not be the best idea. The more that i think about it the more i realize my house is littered with weapons that if i pulled a bat he could have pulled out a large blunt metal object that would turn my head concave.
  9. I think the cops did smell it they just didnt care, this is a much bigger matter to deal with than some people smoking pot.

    That is a scary situation to say the least. I would have freaked out cause I'm not that strong or that tall but my best friend is like fucking chewbacca and would have been able to hold the door shut.

    But damn dude I would have called the police also.
  10. lol i woulda had some fun with that bat of yours. Legally you coulda hit them a few times
  11. shit this was in nassau? i live in nassau country....
  12. yeah dude, one of the shittiest parts imo, excluding hempstead that place really takes the cake
  13. yea im in levittown lol. its not bad over here thankfully =)
  14. Sounds like a crazy dream
  15. the schools over there made the news once or twice. my cousin works in their high school and tells me they think valley stream(where i live and where this happened) is ghetto, i think its funny when i look around and can safely say nothing will happen to a person here just walking around. But then again stories like this do show this place isnt the best
    edit: i wish it was a dream, i sprained my hand from punching him, my knuckles hurt for a week or two and i had to avoid fighting for i couldnt throw a punch without being in a lot of pain.

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