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  1. So this morning, I had to take a shit and I did so. Now in my day, I have taken many shits before so Im not new to this whole ordeal. As I ran to the throne, I had to hold onto the walls to stop from taking off because this shit was just so forceful you wouldnt believe. Out of all my shits, not one stunk so bad it made me light headed, but this one did. I thought i was gonna pass out from the stench. As I left the bathroom I was thankful to breathe non tainted air, what a relief.

    So GC, have any of you taken shits of epic proportions?
  2. Interesting story..perhaps this should be moved to pandoras box? haha
  3. Actually, I had a massive squirt-fest just last month. I think it was the damn budweiser. I wasted like an entire roll of T.P. on that one. Started in the upstairs toilet, ended in the downstairs toilet. It just wouldn't stop!!
  4. This is funny, you know, its one of those things, you just sometimes have NO control over, you have to GO, and HOPE that you make it to the bowl. Hehe, yeah we've all been there. I think its funny that this is something that we ALL have in common, pooping, but yet, we hardly talk about it?
  5. uh hmm ya i took a nice nice big steaming shit right out of my ass and then maybe some water splatterd out of my ass gave it a lil new smell at the end it smelt terrible ...
  6. reminds me of that book 'the alphabet of manliness'
  7. I hate taking shits that come out like water, cause sometimes you get splashback :eek:
  8. One time when I was 16 I had just gotten off work at Boston Market and was waiting outside for a ride from my parents. I had to shit all day, but up to that point I had refused to take a shit in a public bathroom, and I mean literally I had NEVER taken a shit in a public bathroom before.

    Anyway, it got to the point where I was going to shit myself if some action wasn't taken. Like, it felt like my bowels had boiling water in them, I can't describe the horrible feeling I had in my lower stomach area.

    Anyway, I manage to walk back inside and into the bathroom and I just let it all loose.

    I shit you not people (no pun intended) there was steam coming up from the toilet bowl.

    I think there was so much pressure in there it just started heating up and then BLAM! released it all.

    It wasn't cold in there either, it was just straight up steam coming up from in between my legs, like a bomb had just blown out of my ass.

    It was the craziest shit I ever took, and since then I've taken maybe 6 shits in public bathrooms, I still opt to hold it in unless it's an emergency.
  9. Still havent read that yet :mad: Maddox FTW

    Sometimes I'll get ghost shits. I'll be outside and light up a cigarette, and feel like a gotta take a shit really bad. I'll put out the smoke only a couple drags into it, and go in to do my business. I'll sit down, let out a couple big farts, then the feeling is gone. It's weird, and not very convenient.
  10. Can't say I have ever had an experience like yours.

    The only time something big happened involving my shit, was when I was a kid and I had to shit really bad, but I couldn't. It wouldnt just come out. So I was on the toilet for five hours because it hurt so much. I don't even remembre what the outcome was. That's the only story I really have.
  11. The one and only wheatgrass shot I ever tried, had me put out a 5 lb., unbroken curlicue, that smelled like a rotting whale carcass. Never drink a shot of that shit unless you have a clear path to the toilet!
  12. once i had the shits for a week straight and another i was trippin on dex and spent the entire trip on the can shittin my ass off.

    wtf is wheatgrass.
  13. shots of wheatgrass are cool.......................................if you wanna be sober and vomit.....

    I had a massive shit once that took me like 5 minutes to get out.....(a bit of exaggeration there, but it took awhile...) was like a giant shit-snake lol it fuckin reeked! the only time i wanted to vomit of my own stench.....

    And to the guy who said "ghost shits" i know exactly what you're talking about lol, except i dont light a cig, ill spark a bowl and be like....fuck...i need to shit....but i'll usually just bring the bowl inside with me or wait til im done toking to take a shit...but then its just farts hahaha
  14. I know more than just myself have had a 3 flush mega shit? The name explains it all... :D
  15. man I know all about those BIG shits like snakes they curl around the bowl theyre so big... yea... :eek:
  16. Yes.

    One day I went to take this MASSIVE dump. I sat down to pinch...and I really almost cried. I have never to this day been through that much pain before. Seriously. It hurt so bad I had to lay on my stomach for the next two hours. The turd was like as big a round as beer glass.
  17. When I was 12 or 13 I went to a friends B-Day party at his house. I had the runs and plugged up his toilet. His house had a carpeted bathroom and it was a mess..
    I ran like death was just behind me.(but I left death in the toilet)

    I never told anybody on my way out the door and never talked to that friend again.
    I bet his parents were pissed.

    What about those one's that hide. You know you go but you see nothing and the tp is clean.:confused:
  18. I dont think i have every laughed harder in my life...

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