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Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. does anyone play this game?? and if so whats ur name and where do u play mostly so we might be able to meet up sometime, or goto and we can find a server that way.

    its a real good multiplayer.
  2. only played that one free demo level and loved it. im waiting for the price to drop before i buy it, though.

  3. buy it?????

    I downloaded it at using bittorent, it's an awesome game!

  4. i'm down with suprnova, bittorrent, and most warez, but as someone with computer programming knowledge and an idea of the difficulty, i dont want to steal from these hard working nerds.

  5. trying to save the world hey, never dowloaded a song , have an illegal version of windows on your desktop? Off course man people need to get paid, and if you realy dig the game, but, especialy if you want to play online, I bough Command and Conquer for instance , but they could slash the prices of games with 75 % and they would make more money of selling bulk, but with every game 50 USd plus, I'm going to bittorrent! ;-)

  6. took your advice and got it off BT. now im having some problems. the file off BT yielded 2 ISO files, disk 1 and disk 2. i used nero to burn both ISOs to disks yet they do nothing when i run them. schvadafuk?
  7. go to and download daemon tools, then if you find or make a cue file for them you can fool your comuter into thinking the iso's are cd's in a drive :D

    to make a cue file open notepad and put in:

    FILE "image-name.BIN" BINARY
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    "image-name.BIN" being the name of the image file (IWDII.BIN, CIV3.BIN and so on...)

    Then save the file and switch the format to 'any and all files', you'll need to save it as 'image-name.cue" in the same folder as the bin file

    If none of this makes sense go to

    This forum has much more detailed instrucitons. And if you really can't do it try to download a call of duty cue file online, irc is a good place for that.

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