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Call of Duty Zombies - Ideas / Changes?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Blinkk, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    I've been playing a lot of Black Ops 2 zombies lately, and was trying to think of new ideas for it ( I actually do Video Game Development :p ), and was thinking I could actually make a remake if I got some of my old dev / modelling team back :)

    Anyways, I can't think of any better community to ask, so what would you change guys? What features would you implement? What would you name a remake?

    So far I kind of thought:

    1) More 'Fun' guns - Like a Gun That Shoots Blades That Cut up The Zombies, or a Gun that Slows --> Freezes --> Freezes and Breaks Zombies (Each arrow is an upgrade).

    2) More maps, and more free downloadable maps - I hate Treyarch charging $20 for one zombies map... Not to mention, the maps are always kind of the same thing, except for Call of the Dead, and Moon.

    3) More Strategic Play - If you want to use a turret, your friend has to cover you, things like that.

    4) A Better Physics System - If you shoot a zombie in the shoulder, his shoulder jerks backwards. It adds that realistic touch :)

    5) 'Body Parts' for the Zombies - If you shoot a zombie enough in the leg ( depending on the wave ), his leg comes off. Things like that. Not sure how well this would work, as it would take a lot of time and effort, and would kind of take away the arcade feel of CoD zombies.

    6) New Game Modes - They (or possibly we in the future :) ) need more than just 'Survive'. I know they have tranzit, and the 8 player one, but that is just... Survive with more people, and survive with a bus. I think we could incorporate a gun game, so each team member has to contribute, or they would be without a gun. For example, kill 20 Zombies, up your gun, kill 25, up your gun. You get the idea.
    You could also have things like 'Zombie Master', and one player could control the zombies, getting points for downing the players, and using those to upgrade the zombies.
    7) Leveling Up System? - Just like in CoD Multiplayer, you could level up, and gain benefits. Not necessarily new weapons or perks, but even new maps, which would have new perks and weapons in them. That way matches wouldn't be unbalanced.

    Tell me what you guys thinks, and add your own ideas!!
    It'd be awesome if you replied like this
    1) I don't like that idea
    2) I like that idea
    3) You should change this part

    You get the idea :p Put the number of the idea, and then comment, and then contribute with your own :)

    I'll add everyones ideas up here, and give you credits!
  2. 500 Views, and no ideas? Damn.. Bump :p
  3. If you do a remake definately don't make fire that hurts you everywhere, I've pretty much avoided zombies on blops2 because of that.

    Sounds like a good idea tho

  4. Haha, alright, and thanks for the reply :) I definitely hate the fire in the maps too.

  5. Yeah dude the fire just ruins it hard core, new maps would be way dope
  6. Barriers and buildable blockades. Also fully customizable characters.
  7. for one i wish that there was more of an impact when the bullets hit the zombies
    also, i wish that you could kill members of the opposing team.
    also not a fan of the level designs too much....or that its always at night.

  8. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't have put fire in, I personally hate it. Nothing ruins a gaming sesh like fire killing you, or slowing you down or something and dying for no good reason.

    Doesn't zombies already have barriers? And has for the buildable blockades, I think I get what you mean, like the windows they already have, but you can build stronger ones? And put them wherever you want?

    As for fully customizable characters, it'd be awesome if you gave a little more detail :) Do you mean like, customize the looks? Or like you can put perks and everything like in multiplayer?

    We are planning on implementing this :)

    Definitely look into that, if we have multi-team game modes.

    I agree. What would you like more? I dislike the constant night time setting anyways, who says zombies can't live through day? Look at DayZ.
  9. What do you guys think about not even including A mystery box?
    I was thinking all guns should be like on the wall or in an armoury or something, that way people could always get ammo. Or... Idk haha you guys tell me what you think.

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