Call of Duty WWII the movie

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  1. Hey everybody, I know a new Call of Duty game is coming out soon, I'm excited!
    I'm definitely going to buy it once it comes out, seems like a horror movie.
    I think it would be cool if they make a Call of Duty movie, wouldn't you guys agree?
    Are there any games that you guys would like for it to be released as a movie?

    Cool trailer


  2. Call of duty the movie? No thanks it'd be all lasers and flying about,I admit the WW2 one does look good I just hope the don't fuck with it by bringing out all futuristic DLC
  3. movie? i don't know theres no real main character in the call of duty series its always someone different i don't know how it would benefit as a call of duty movie than it just being any war movie? what would make it a call of duty movie? unless they picked a popular one like cod4 and made like a different adventure/story with price and the whole team and stuff idk.
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  4. The story of Call of Duty is probably the games weakest aspect.

    Fuck all this noise, just get the zombies campaign out already and quit fuckin' around
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  5. Wouldn't a CoD movie just be a bunch of 8-15 year old kids running around making horrible mom jokes and shit talking? Most video game movies are so crap, they shouldn't cross genres
  6. I totally agree on this. I didn't enjoy the last game movies I watched. Warcraft and Assassin's creed, i don't they are not good movie but for a person who played the games, i think it's not enough.
  7. You know, I dont think for me personlly, that I would be happy with any kind of COD movie? I agree with above sentiment that they usually botch game to movie translations. Games in general are a different medium for telling a story, and lately things seem to be more about killstreaks and superpowers with a heavy sprinkling of DLC and less storyline. Being and older gamer having grown up through Colecovision, Atari and computers rocking the old Intel 8088, I have seen things progress into an instant gratification nightmare. COD just seems to jump around alot now, whether its with characters or timelines. I dunno how you could pull a movie out of it? That being said, it is a 15 billion dollar entertainment franchise as of last check, so im sure thet have thought about it a time or two?
    For me personally, I stopped giving a crap about COD after the original Black Ops. For the newer COD's I like MW4, Black Ops and WAW, after that the borked it with DLC and all these insane super power add ons. At least for me anyways, my son though loves it. Lol so I guess its just for a different gamer set now? Starting to feel old... :/

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