Call of Duty: World at War

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  1. Who is gonna be on tonight on XBL? I got the same gamertag so HIT IT UP if your lookin to play some good COD:WaW. I like to play Hardcore search and destroy and headquarters...toke be with you:smoking:
  2. hey man im way into COD. My tag is mickthedroog hit me up if I forget! Not too many kids smoke on there the ratio is like 10:1
  3. Anyone on ps3 I'm on under the screenname iluvwhitecastle
  4. I'm on XBL.
    Gamertag: GuthPasta

    Favorite Game Types: TDM, Headquarters, S&D.
    Favorite Maps: Anything but Castle

    I'm curious if any of you guys are prestige/are going to prestige. I am 45 right now and I don't really think I am up for doing Prestige, there really isn't any point to it besides getting like 50 more pixels that just say that you have less of a life than anyone else who is playing.

  5. Emphasis on KIDS

    It is really annoying to play mature games and find 12 year old british screamers on your team telling you that your playing is rubbish and that the game is bollocks every f'in time they get killed. (True story, and got ~15 more kills than him.)
  6. haha yeah man shit happens. Those kids get hyper off that tea
  7. I play a ton of that game (on PC). I bought it thinking it might be lame because it wasn't the same studio who did COD4... but I ended up loving it! Also, you're right, hc search and destroy kicks ass. Slow and steady wins the race :cool:
  8. it is great....I played cod4 last night for the first time in a while and WaW has definitely got me better at that game. I go 3:1 all the time on modern warfare now. I have a 3.0 k/d on WaW.

    Whats your guys' stats?
  9. hmm not too great, I've never had very good reflexes but I still love playing. I can do some serious damage in free-for-all, somehow I do GREAT on the Dome map, but my best ratios are still like 2:1 or 2.5:1
  10. yah man Dome is bomb with shotty:D
  11. This game is so addictive, probably hasn't taken over my life to the extent COD4 did though:p

    I'm on PS3, my PSN is MrShanklyyy if anyone wants to add for a game. Play a lot of headquarters and some hardcore TDM.
  12. Anybody obsessed with regular Team Deathmatch like me?
  13. i'm lazy so just send me a request..

    stop sn1tch1n
  14. Mr.FuzzyPeaches
  15. Septumus on the PC
  16. Im on periodically throughout the day

    G.T: thosevacanteyes

  17. I XoDuS I - Xbox 360 - 3.30 K/D
  18. Add me sometime and I'll play if you join up or something.

    I'm sometimes looking for others to fill in a party, so the more the merrier, right?

    GT: FreakTard

    Same as on here.
  19. XBL or PS3

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