Call of Duty (the original)

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  1. so anyone play cod1 anymore? i just reinstalled it and forgot how awesome it is, my nick is 40ozToFreedom, if anyone still plays.
  2. LMAO, dude. I don't think anybody would be playing that game. There COD:WaW and COD4, shit load of people still playing it. people barely play cod3 but cod2, I see some people still playing that game.
  3. if anything people would be playing CoD 2 cus some people dont like WaW or 4 that much cus of the gay perks and stuff and i still see a few people on CoD 2 but ill stick to WaW lol
  4. lulz, theres still tons of people that play mp, i was just wondering if anyone here plays.

    just cause theres newer games doesn't mean no one plays the originals. and WaW sucks ass. TreyArch is garbage. Infinity Ward > TreyArch.
  5. what do you mean lmao it annoys me when people say this when WaW is like exactly the same as CoD 4 pretty much...but the older games are better just wish you could sprint lol
  6. No he's right, Treyarch does suck ass.
    They left WaW so riddled with bugs and shit online,
    and including tanks is like a sin against COD online history.
  7. they took care of most of the bugs and CoD 4 shipped with just as many bugs and it took them longer to fix...and tanks do suck but you just have to make sure your team gets them first...
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    You don't know what you're talking about. I still play CoD and CoD:UO from time to time because it is still the best in the series in my book.

    I played that game for 4 years straight after its release competitively. Nothing quite beats playings maps like Hurtgen and Rocket, Brecourt and ship and being able to dominate with the Kar98k

    If you see Foop playing around on AS or BH, chances are it's me

    And as to including Tanks in CoD multiplay being a sin? what? They were first implemented way back in UO... I agree that I prefered playing the regular CoD online, but massive amounts of the community loved the expansion pack for the soul reason of being able to ride around in jeeps and tanks
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    I find tanks offensive in COD online for one reason..
    You can see yourself in third-person view!
    What the fuck?!
    That's no longer a FPS!
    That means you can see around corners and over walls and shit, it's really unfair.

    Also it isn't possible for a person to take down a full-health tank by themself in online play which I find a bit ridiculous.
  10. Did you ever play CoD: UO online then? Cause the default view for both the tank driver and the gunner was in fact a first person view... only the driver had the ability to zoom out to third person but this meant that you had no reticule to aim your turret with....

    As for you not being able to take a tank down by yourself with full health in UO? Yes you could, 2 well placed bazooka rounds right into the side would take one of those fuckers down, or a single satchel charge, or 4 grenades.
  11. No I'm talking about World at War.
    I've only played the original Call of Duty online, Call of Duty 4 online, and World at War online.

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