Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Bluntzilla420, Apr 26, 2016.

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  1. I pray they come away from jump suits and flying machines. I miss the days of simple COD not played since BO2 which got raped, might dig the 360 out tonight for some mob of the dead.

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  2. I believe bo1 is supposed to be backwards compatible later this year. Really hoping the multiplayer and zombies gets active again.

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  3. Dam i hope they go back to how it used to be this new jump pack shit is fun and all but its not COD

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  4. Fuck yeah. I spent so many hours playing MW2 & BO1 zombies. Everything after that was garbage
  5. Yeah mw2 was the shit. I mean it had its bugs but that was partly the fun lol. Yeah, I miss the good ol days of getting ripped playing that. Black ops was good too. Never played the 2nd one. The last CoD I bought was mw3.

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  6. Call of Duty: Just Won't Die.
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  7. Call of Duty: Modern Infinite Advanced World Global Extraterrestrial Warfare
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  8. Apparently Battlefield is going back to WW2 era (rumor, I haven't looked to see if confirmed).

    If this is true, and COD goes for a futuristic warfare style, I can see BF outselling the next COD in a landslide.

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  9. I'd much rather play WWII

    Haven't liked a cod since bops1

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  10. Like the other guy said. Battlefield is supposedly leaked it's going back to ww2. A ww1 dlc would be fucking awesome. Like bad company added vietnam.

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  11. Not a huge battlefield fan

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  12. WTF is this crap haha

  13. What you're seeing is a company's last ditch effort to milk their franchise. Now that CSGO has completely taken over the role of competitive FPS they dont have to try and keep their stupid gimmicks under wraps. I foresee a lot of new features like the jetpack jumpy bullshit from the last iteration. Doesn't matter to me though I moved on after MW2 like anyone else who is only interested in core FPS elements.
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  14. Supposedly, this year's cod is going to be coming with a remastered Cod 4.

    If they actually bring back it's original multiplayer it may be worth it, but if it's going to be another Combat Evolved anniversary....

    Edit: spelling error.
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  15. yeah they've announced MW4 remastered "cant" be bought as a standalone. Further exploitation of what I foresee as a very terrible upcoming release for COD:I
  16. No chance in hell I'll get this shit

    WWII cod or bust

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  17. Yeah unfortunately, I'll be preordering the 80 dollar package.

    Fuck the New installment, I'm gladly throwing money all over a remastered modern warfare with (hopefully) active servers on a current gen console. Well worth it imo. Aside from that, I would say I'm disappointed with the reveal but I expected as much.
  18. Hmmm, I didn't know about the COD4 thing. To me that is kinda cool because I have great memories playing that game. I played with a group of friends back in High School. Good times. But, that's super lame if you have to buy the new COD to play it. I would be down if it was like Halo MCC and they also added MW2 and the game actually worked unlike MCC.

    Luckily, I have gamefly so I may try to rent it just to play COD4. Well that's if the game is on the disc and not a code lol. If not I'll just wait they will probably release it on its own eventually.

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  19. Yep, complete money grab. It's like admitting the new game will suck. I've seen many on boards say they would buy a remastered MW2, which is funny yet true.

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