Call of duty: AW worth it?

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  1. How is it? I didn't like ghost, is it like that. Also for the ps4 owners, how the connection?

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    Yes PS4 owner. Different multiplayer but with the same feel, the double jumping is really innovative imo and i'm having fun with it. 
    Get it it's a 9/10 so far
  3. I play it on the One and it is really good, the campaign cut scenes are so realistic
  4. That's what I was thinking. Brings a whole new way of playing.

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  5. Has anyone unlocked zombies yet?
    There's a bonus zombie wave in Riot, other than that no zombies-related content. 
  7. I read somewhere that it's coming on DLC sadly

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  8. It is part of the DLC which I bought but I'm not sure if it will unlock zombies game mode or if it is just the bonus round
  9. Ill be picking this game up Next week. Hope good reviews keep on flowing through. But yet you cant have 1 persons opinion ruin in entire game for you....Just like movies.
  10. Fuck cods futuristic bullshit. Blops 1 and 2 were pretty decent but nothing has been all that since mw2. Instead of getting more and more into the future why not go back to making WW2 games
  11. Yes, best CoD since MW2.
  12. Exhazer this is that guy....

    Just playin! :p
    I'd love to see another WW2 game by either the Call of Duty franchise or by battlefield, as they both have something to offer and retain their own unique edge.

    Or you know, maybe a WW2 Halo
  13. Anyone on XB1 hit me up ProjectICE420
    What ever happend to Medal of Honor? maybe they should try that again.
    Call of Duty and Battlefield happened. The first COD even went by the project name "MOH killer". 
  16. Medal of honor was good but I didn't care much for the modern shooter variations.
    A western battlefield or call of duty would be interesting
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    When you say western. the first thought that came to my head was Duke Nukem Forever for N64 lol. But a western style game that would be interesting. 
  18. They should make another duke nukem remake.
    The new one wasn't as bad as everyone claimed it was
  19. Innovation insinuates some new and fresh idea was brought into the game, which didn't happen.
    You must have low standards if you give it a 9/10 
    no it definitely was as bad as everyone claimed
  20. Most fans of duke nukem I know enjoyed it.
    Just because it didn't have mass appeal doesn't mean it cant be entertaining and fun to an individual with who thinks for themself.

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