Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare VS Destiny VS Titanfall

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  1. Stuck in a very difficult situation on which game to buy. They all seem amazing but I'd love feedback from people who played the games. Which campaign is the best? Which multiplayer is the best? Which has the best graphics? Why do you recommend one compared to the other two? Which has the best guns and equipment? Thanks guys.
  2. I'll be buying the game for Xbox One forgot to mention that.
  3. I'd get AW. Titanfall flopped hard. Its a decent game overall but the community is dead. I really enjoy the speed and momentum of it but AW has more to offer. It's what you would expect from CoD. 6v6/8v8 with kill streaks and shit spawns. I can't speak for Destiny but it also flopped from what I hear.
    Actually, I wouldn't get any of them unless you really want a new shooter. I am impressed with AW though and still play Titanfall. Really, just trade in the Xbone for a WiiU and get Bayo 2 and Sm4sh.
  4. Destiny flopping is news to me. Sure the story itself is a flop but the game is very much not a flop.  It does get repetitive and the best parts of the game are locked to all but lvl 26+ players but it is a solid shooter if you play with friends.
    To OP If you are a solo gamer then COD AW is where its at, but if you game with friends then Destiny is pretty fun. COD AW has a good single player and the MP is fun. Destiny is good for doing runs with you buddies but gets boring by yourself. 
  5. Destiny doesn't even deserve to be considered

    I can't understand how people play that shit epic, for a few days. I'd rent it

    Call of duty? I uavnt tried it, but I played the sshit out of mw1-3

  6. actually yes

    I like that idea
    Trade in Xbox for wii for sure

  7. destiny hardly has enough content to be a game

    The pvp.content in destiny is pretty.much non existsnt if you compare it to other competitive shooters

    If it wasn't fir the RPG aspect, I can't see anyone iin their right mind chosing destiny pvp over any.other shooter

    And tthe rpg aspect was an epic fail. Why would anyone okay destiny when there is world.of Warcraft?

  8. I agree the PVP in Destiny is crap and it isn't close to what was promised\\hyped but it is still a fun game to play with friends. The first couple times running the raid were amazing. Nightfalls are fun but the game is repetitive and had I known what content was in the DLCs I wouldn't have pre ordered the expansion pass. I thought it was gonna be 10-15 new missions, 5 new strikes and one raid. Not the BS that they are giving us. 
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    they aren't even that?!

    Even that is too little....

  10. No more CoD for me.  Addicted to Titanfall.  Titanfall uses Microsoft's Azure dedicated servers, and after playing on them, there is no possible way I can go back to peer-hosted.  I play a lot of multiplayer with out-of-state friends, and the lag in peer-hosted games is brutal.  On Azure,I can still notice lag when I'm on a distant server, but the worst game of Titanfall for me, in terms of lag, is equal to an average game of CoD.
    Of course, Titanfall is multiplayer only, there's no single-player campaign to speak of.  Still, it's been on sale recently for as little as $20.  The community is still getting new players as the Xbox One gains new users.  You do have to be wary of pubstompers, though, especially in campaign mode.
    Can't really speak to Destiny.  I played the beta and the reviews kind of confirmed my impressions that it was a beautiful game that was a bit on the boring side, so I never bought it.
  11. Fuck that. Trade it in for gameboy color and pokemin blue version and youre set as far as gaming goes

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