Call of Duty 4, one month away :)

Discussion in 'General' started by Zylark, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Yup, looking forward to this. Played BF2 to death, currently public-noobing in CoD2. Best thing is, this game might bring forth the reunification of my old clan that got bewildered into WoW after Battlefield Vietnam. And we did good in that game, at one point occupying the first place in the European ladder, and defended that position twice before being knocked down to second.

    Not played a clan match for the better part of half a year or so (In BF2 with my current clan), so I'm looking forward to starting up again for real and not just coasting :) If the game is nice and tasty naturally. Lot of other distractions coming too, like Team Fortress 2 which looks like a great public game. And early next year, we got Frontlines, Fuels of War.

    But for now, CoD4, can't wait. Oh, singleplayer demo coming out for PC this week :)
  2. Had the Beta for awhile til they shut it down, was so much fun. Great game they put alot of work into it looks amazing

    Got my copy pre-ordered already can't wait :smoke:
  3. Shooters are awesome and everything... But they are so limited by the computer and its shitty physics engines and laggy internet connections.

    I want to go in a real war. I'd fucking kill everybody.
  4. FUCK YEAH i'm getting it for Xbox 360 the day it comes out probably. oorah!
  5. i already pre-ordered mine and i cannot wait this game is gonna be insane!
  6. I just ordered a 360 with Halo 3 and Skate, gonna pick up Mass Effect, COD4, and Assassins Creed when they drop. I need to get Gears of War sometime soon too.
    Ill post up my gamertag when it gets here if anyone wants to play.

    I also got the Orange Box, been playing the Team Fortress 2 beta for a couple weeks and its fun as hell. I cant wait for tomorrow at midnight when HL2: Episode 2 and Portal are released.
  7. Hell yes for the TF2, the beta is awesome and so much fun. I used to be way into TFC and playing TF2 just reminds me of the all fun I had. Where do you play at man my gamer tag is the same as my GC name hit me up. Can't for for Episode 2 and Portal as well, they both look promising.
  8. My name for Steam friends is apoc4lyps3

    Ill post my Xbox Live tag somewhere once I get it all set up in a couple of days.
  9. COD4 for the fuckin win! hell yea i am getting this one. infinity ward makes sick COD games. i never played the beta when it was out so i can get my cherry popped on Nov. 4 when its released :smoking:
  10. Ah, Orange box, looking forward to it. Not just cuz' of TF2 (which will be fun), but also to play HL2 and the new episodes. I'm one of those few that pay for games I play, and now I'm getting finally HL2 plus a lot more in orange box :)

    But CoD4 is still the most exciting title in my own little personal shooter to go for competition :)
  11. That game is gonna be fucking sick, I played the orignial COD on computer for at least a year and a half, I've played 2 and 3 sporadically at friends' houses and shit, but this one's gonna be it.
  12. yo holla at ur boy g35coke in xbl
  13. Ah, there is so many good games coming out in November. Im gonna be so broke lol. I cant wait to pick up Guitar Hero 3 next week.
  14. COD 4 looks fun ill grab it up for the ps3 but I have my sights set on TF2 I wana play damn delay for ps3.

    Oct/Nov/Dec have a huge list of games coming out Ratchet and Clank comes out tomorrow I think, I look forward to that too.
  15. We should start a clan in COD4 when it comes out mayne. I'm picking it up on the release date and starting to play online immedietnley to hopefully get good before everyone else :p haha

    You know what game looks good, Time splitter, i think thats the name. It looked interesting.
  16. ill be picking this up tomorrow for 360, cant wait :hello:
  17. is it awsome? I got paid today but I was just gonna wait for assassins creed, ive had enough shooters with gears, rainbow 6 and halo 3, im thinking of a rent first.
  18. Gamepro said its the best shooter of 2007. Better than halo? Im def pickin it up.
  19. Oh hell yes. Maybe this will tear me away from the Insurgency mod for HL2.

    I can't fucking wait for Mass Effect. I might actually go sober for a couple days so I can play it when it comes out.
  20. Im so hyped for this but I cant get it right away cause I dont have money.:(

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