Call Of Duty 4 Multi. Beta Tokens RELEASED..again! YES!

Discussion in 'General' started by Romain, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Gamespot today at 12:00noon Eastern released another raffle of Call Of Duty 4 Multoplayer Beta Tokens to the public.

    They will be releasing 100,000 over the span of 5 days. I got in right on time and got a token, downloaded from XBL Marketplace, and am trying it out as we speak.

    I haven't gotten into any games i'm having trouble finding people/connecting. Others are having trouble i hear as well. XBL might be going down soon for maintenence? I'm not sure

    I'm going to keep trying..Everyone tells me this game is real sick.

    I never was taken to any of the other COD's, but this i'm definately getting.
  2. As a software consumer, I won't use any betas.

    If I wanted to beta test, I'd do it.

    The problem is, most people who beta test just do it for personal reasons. Like bragging rights. "Oh I was a Beta tester for COD4!!!11oneone"
  3. Call of Duty 4 is going to be the greatest FPS of all time! for PC anyway :D
  4. Bahhh i know i have a great computer to run COD4 on and i love to do that cause the game would look sick but i'm getting a Projector soon so COD will look and play amazing on it with my 360

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