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  1. anyone still play or know if the servers still runnig?
    for 360 of course 

  2. I still play. Yes servers are running

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  3. I get on every now and then.

    I mostly quick the scopes.
  4. I play on computer, servers are still very active, don't know about Xbox though.
  5. oh, and I play on 360

    GT: Xanax Dose
  6. I'm a freak of nature at this game.
    1.79 k/d ratio :smoking:
  7. I just borrowed it form a friend, I let them borrow God of War 3 in exchange.
    but I'm on PS3, and there's this weird error where the game won't start unless you start the game up disconnected from the internet.
    Awesome game though
  8. Ogeejuice for Xbox 360 cod 4 slaughter.

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  9. I only play COD4 on PC, sadly.
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    This game was only good on PC. It was playable on xbox but this was the last CoD game that was balanced for PC and not consoles. Not to mention the fact that you had the small competetive scene on PC with PROMOD/PAM and whatnot. Decent game.. Played it for a few years on and off.
  11. If you like losing to kids that mod

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  12. Fuck yes CoD4
    Been playing weekly since the beta!
  13. Aren't the servers completely fucked now? All of the glitchers and hackers ruined the game the last time I played it :(
  14. m16+rds with stopping power/ steady aim= winning

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  15. love me some call of duty
  16. Yeah they'll be running til 2016 atleast because Microsoft will be ending 360 support then.
    Such a fun game, a lot of quick scopers but it's fun. Classic COD online, so many memories.
  17. The best! I miss that game

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