Call me when this site turns back in GRASScity

Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. its a site for weed....not fuckin myspace...

    There is such a lack of interesting threads its incredble 100,000 members and we aint got shit... except an overpopulated "dare to post your pic" thread. When there are no posts, and not many members around. FEAR NOT, just look in the dare to post your pic thread....
    i could go into a lot more detail with quotes and names, but it would most likely result in my ban.


    im leaving until it turns back to grasscity.
  2. add this to the list of bad threads as well.............:rolleyes:

    hahaha just kidding man....just dont let it bother you all forums have slow days
  3. It'll get better when summers over. :p

    Cheer up, don't abandon us in our time of waffle need! :smoke:
  4. How should I reach you? You didn't leave me a phone number.

  5. heh, its like this every summer?

    guess my first summer of GC=hell

  6. If you stay I'll join your breakfast club and then we can arm gophers with waffles and slices of bacon for swords and shields and make them fight to the death :metal:
  7. you're still here

    lol your right though.
  8. We're busting our GC summer cherry burnt:hello:. Let's suffer together :D.
    Haha fear not burnt. Let me see if I can think of a good thread to start up. How bout one on drug testing ;):D:)
  9. Come'on now Waffle its really not that bad.... the content is a bit slow right now but it is to be expected many people are out having fun.

    So your idea of a quality thread is the dare you to post your pic thread??? I dunno but that shit lame to me, There are many more informational and entertaining threads then that suck fest.

    We all choose what threads we open and read, just like TV sometimes nothing good is on.

    Really the general forum is pointless after all this is GRASSCITY not random bullshit city...

    I admit there has been a flood of useless threads made by silly kids on summer break but there are still many members who are dedicated to keeping GC a serious and informative site, what we need are more topics that pertain to the site not more bandwith wasting threads turned into stickies for cheap entertainment.
  10. na man, dare to post ur pic thread is pissin me off

    but ill be back wen the summer dies down, for now i aint pposting after this thread

    the grow section is still, as always, mad chill:)
  11. Uhh, so go to the recreational use if you want to talk about weed. Its called general for a reason.

  12. CaliCoast, will you help me?

    I want to know if I'm going to pass my drug test tomorrow. I just smoked some weed today, was it laced? And what's a good song about weed that I should listen to while I take my drug test? Also, can you snort kief?

  13. What's your favorite movie about drugs? And how much cough medicine should I drink before watching it?
  14. im down for that shit!! itd be some shit to watch while bake-ed

    lolz..theres all your useless threads on gc rolled into one pointless question..good job jd!! lolz

    but yeah...its mainly from the summer happens t all forums..thats why for the most part i just lurk and if something trips my interest i pop in...MAYBE splut out some lines..and then just lurk some more...why?? cuz in my condition i dont have much else to do anyways:p
  15. Ohhh ok I was like really?

    The grow section always will have interesting content to research or just browse, The grow section is the most productive forum on the whole site, Thats mostly why I am here I am a Grower first and Hash master second. Most of my time is spent in the Grow journal and Rec Use sections, when that gets slow I venture to other sections for a lil bit.

    But I truly understand your frustration, just be patient you never know when the next Hot thread will be posted....I am working on a few myself :)
  16. JD, do you know of anyone that smokes near me? It's not for a hook up, I was just curious. while I'm waiting for your response, I guess I'll start a thread on why weed should be legal.. preaching to a bunch of stoners.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I hate pigs! ;)
  17. Oh yeah, Mr. waffle. Don't forget that most of the "interesting topics" have been given their own subforum.. :(
  18. Will you fax some acid over before it starts?
  19. And if I smoke a pound of vaped weed will I get high enough to do crackers and drive around on mushrooms???
  20. Novel idea... Don't click on the post your picture thread?
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