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Call me paranoid..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KentuckyKush, May 19, 2010.

  1. Well i decided to post in this part of the forum so i could get info from the vets who've been around the city for a while.

    Haha ok, so my questions are.. #1 Has there ever been a person on here you knew for sure was a narc? what would be some signs to look for? If any?

    #2 Has anyone been tracked and raided because of this website/grow journals they've posted/pics uploaded?

    #3 Has anyone been put up to trial and had any of their posts used against them in court?

    All of these things are plausible.I just smoked two blunts of sweet tooth between 2 people :metal::smoking:. Im blazed out of my mind and very paranoid about this, so i need clarification on what i can and cant do.

    Thanks a lot. Also, dont f*ck with me lol. Im looking for honest answers please
  2. for the most part police arent gonna pay attention to what you do on here
    unless youre giving them a reason to watch you already
  3. cops dont have time to search the millions of "stoner forums" i mean what are they going to do spend hundreds of dollars on people and time just to get you for that extra gram?

    if you have it on your computer screen talking of a drug deal when they bust you is the only time i can see it used lol
  4. If you're paranoid, then don't post incriminating things. Duh?
  5. the first thing to look for is sign up date look at that persons other posts it doesnt take CSI to figure something out on the internet I been doing it 10 years
  6. Most of the time the internet is a last resort for finding growers and things of that nature I think. Honestly, I really believe they just get lucky and stumble across people (bad luck for us).

    They catch a lot more taggers and shit like that on the internet though, because graffiti is a crime where there may not be another way to catch those that are infamous...If someone gets infamous selling bud or growing you've pretty much already found them, ya dig?

    If it really worries you that much, do what the taggers that post their shit up do, post from another computer or use a proxy, make sure there is nothing in your pictures or statement that can lead back to your location or people, etc.
  7. I've had some sketchy people PM me asking for a hook up. Just avoid those people.

    People post pics of grow ops here all the time and dont get busted. There isnt anything to worry about. I think since the servers are in Amsterdam (right?) that the police cant look up your info or anything like that.

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