call me paranoid, but ...

Discussion in 'General' started by Crocii, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. I notice a lot of people are so open and honest about things they do, things they smoke, things they grow. That is the hallmark of a free society.
    But the present administration has sworn an oath "under God" to uphold the Constitution as they interpret it. And their interpretation is "all's fair in business and war".
    It's easy to see how they've gone bezerk in their war on marijuana, and I fear they haven't bottomed out yet.

    My question is this: Are there measures in place to help assure the confidentiality of information posted (and the people posting them) in
  2. Your paranoid.. (sorry, thought i'd be the 1st)

    I think that if your going to be posting pictures on the site that may be a little dodgy it would be a good idea to post through a proxy (such as ) as an extra precautionary measure, although i'm sure grasscity has its own measures to stop those pesky fed's..

    just my opinion..

  3. i think if anything they might realize that we arent good for nothing pot heads, that we do have productive lives and that marijuana is a good drug with good experiences and many positive affects, i mean look what its done with us, made a whole lot of friends for me, educates us, and soo much more...marijuana is a gateway drug, a gateway for the mind and spirit
  4. Perhaps you are right. I'm just a natural doubting Thomas who would have asked of the clerk, "are you SURE this ship is unsinkable?"

    But after reading so many of the articles on the "alternative news website" called the Jeff Rense Program, is it any wonder why I'm paranoid
  5. The sad truth about the information age is how vulnerable our privacy is.
    Anything the government wants to find out is right at there finger tips.
    It's not sci-fi anymore.
    but like I've said before you don't have to worry unless your growing a "questionably" large amount.
    so don't get fuckin' greedy.
    most gardens are leveled by law enforcement-unless the "questionably large" garden is found-which in many cases will become a high-tech stake-out...
    then you go to jail
    sorry so scary.

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