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Call Me Herb VS "a match"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CallMeHerb, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. so here i was, sitting at my computer browsing the city, smokin a bowl doin a wake and bake, when my cat took a crap. it was a smelly crap. so i decided that i should light a candle. i decided to use a match since the only lighter i have that works at the moment is one that my friend left over here a long while back that i happened to just find. anyways.. it's a mini bic (red.. made in spain) and a match would just be easier because.. well.. you'd have to see the candle holder. so i take a match out and as i strike it on the box it simultaneously lights the head of the match, and breaks in half. so keep in mind i'm pretty baked by this point, so i just look at the half broken stick in my hand in a state of confusion because i heard that distinctive 'match ignigting' noise but i didn't SEE the match igniting. finally i realized pretty quickly that something went wrong. after i spot the igniting match ON MY FAVORITE SHIRT i go to try and pick it up but end up just burning my thumb and forefinger while at the sametime my shirt was being burnt through.. TO MY SKIN.. where i once again felt the extreme pain that is a match fusing to your skin. damn.. all i wanted to do was cover the crap smell. oh well. shit happens.


    so after i posted that message i lit the candle, and a few minutes later the glass candle holder it was in just exploded. it didn't just break apart and fall, pieces of glass LAUNCHED like 9 or 10 inches. last night some girls and i were talkin about ouija boards and how they had crazy experiences with them and shit, and i told them every time i did it i thought it was bullshit because the spirits wouldn't talk through a mass manufactored board game.. but maybe i pissed someone off.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA..............what a story!!! im wating for round 2 of this battle.......lolololol..............

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