Call me crazy...cuz i probably am

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  1. Wednesday night I went to my boyfriend's friend's house. Me, my boyfriend(lets call him Joe), his friend(Bill) and the other friend(Mark) got in Bill's car, grabbed his bong and went to a spot in the woods. We started smoking...first Bill packed, then Mark packed then I packed. Well we all had different kinds of bud and it was pretty damn smokey in there...we were really fogging it up. I had only taken about 3 bong hits before in my life and they were from a 1 foot bong and i couldnt get a full hit...i didnt clear it and we were clam-baking. This time it was a little 6or so inch bong that we can bring with you anywhere pretty much and i was clearing my hits and stuff. Well after the first hit of my pack I started getting paranoid or something. We hadnt even smoked that me I have smoked MUCH more but I was getting really fucked up. I thought I was dying and that I was going blind and I was having dejavu(however tahts spelt) like every second. Its really hard for me to explain what was happening. I felt like I was continuously having a heart attack. Then I puken which I have never done from weed before. And it was all over my friends car. They just laughed because we incredibly burnt. I wouldnt let anyone touch me because they were freaking me out. I think I had an anxiety attack. I couldnt move...I was paralized. I felt like I had left my body or all of me was just in my head. i was in my subconcious mind and couldnt talk or anything. My boyfriend had to bring me to one of his friends apartments who is a drug dealer because he would know what to do. He said my pupils were swollen like I was having a headache and my heartbeat was fast but was slowing down. I managed to make it to my house and into myroom. I have felt sick ever since.
    The only answers we can come to is since my boyfriend and his two friends have been smoking pot for just about their whole lives and we were clambaking I was getting really good hits. Also I hadnt eaten anything that day. It was fricken scary. Ive smoked pot since and its good but i still feel sick i think it will take me awhile to get use to it again.
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  2. heya crazy!
    mighta had somthing to do with you not eating
  3. I'm no expert on drugs, but speaking about your physical problems it sounds like you were in the first stages of toxic shock.

    Your body encountered a large amount of substance that it really didn't agree with and tried to reject it the best way it could. As for the increased heart beat, that was probably due to the shock as well. When your system goes into shock, it's metabolism rate decreases resulting in a lower amount of oxygen being supplied to the tissues in your body. Because you need more oxygen, the heart starts beating away as fast as it can in order to pump enough blood round your system so that oxygen enriches your tissues.

    Now the swollen eyeballs - that's a bit of a mystery to me. I suppose it could be a side effect of shock, where because of the reduced metabolism rate, waste products present in your tissues builds up.... perhaps......

  4. Damn you were high.
  5. Yes they were.

    19 years ago.

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  6. clambaking Iol thats old school as it gets

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