Call from the jail?

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  1. Ok ill make this short

    my buddy lives in a house with a lot of small time dealers

    I was over there last night but left before they got a large sum of mj because i didnt want to be considered part of that.

    Well anyway i went to bed around 930 last night and woke up from a voicemail saying they had my buddy in jail and wanted to ask me some questions to verify his court records.

    What does this mean? How can i help my friend out? And could this possible lead to me getting in trouble by giving them information?

    Thank you I just have never been in this situation and am really worried. My buddy is the type of kid you would nevere expect to be in jail.
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    ok well i called the court and they told me they had another friend verify his court papers for him. I asked the court when they thought he would be out and they told me that he has to see a judge to know that.

    Im thinkin this has to be a big charge for them to keep him in jail over night?

    i called the friend that verified the papers he said he called 2 of the other house mates and they did not answer either.
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    You should have been able to verify why he had been in jail. Public records suck on line. Turst me you should call in and see what hes being charged with. It sucks when you find a good friend is in jail! But then again my bias is from someone getting taken for immigration status.

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