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Call from the fraud department!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by heynow78, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hey folks, finally placed my first order ever, and I went through the Tude. I've seen that tons of people use their credit cards with no problems so I did the same. BUT, I got a call from the anti-fraud department of my bank today:eek: I also placed some Amazon orders within a couple days of my order date, I'm hoping the combination is what triggered it. Has anyone had any problems like this???
  2. It was probably the charge from the UK that triggered it. With all the cc fraud these days when banks see charges outside the US with no travel history it sends up a red flag.
  3. yup. my bank called me around xmas when I tried to order something from overseas. And the transaction didn't work either...When they called they said that there was a block on my cc for overseas stuff for security, and all I have to do is call them to unblock it if I want to place an international order :)
  4. Ok thanks, got a little geeked out. The bank had to verify it was me that ordered it. In the back of my mind I was like, "that's it they're building a case, I'm screwed". Lets hope not huh
  5. I wouldn't worry unless its a huge grow (more than 50 plants)
  6. its cus u live in USA and you placed an order in Europe. Its a common practice for a bank protect their customers.
  7. :smoke:Definitely not a huge grow. keeping it small to burn it all
  8. this....sorta

    as of Jan 1st 2011 all overseas CC transactions are monitored.

    it is why prepaid CCs became such a hassle for overseas purchases..

    all to stop child pornography...least that's what they say.I say it's just to keep Americans buying from the "state run GUM" aka Wally World.
  9. I got that call, years ago, they issued me an international credit card, for easier overseas purchases :)

    I wouldn't worry.
  10. I had it happen a couple time too, I think because Attitude was hacked before
  11. Gardenmaster, you may have hit the nail on the head. They also said my card may or may not have been involved in a data breach.
  12. One time a bank machine which was my banks machine ate my card so I called in and within a few months they blocked my card because there was a withdrawal from the other side of the country with my card, so thumbs up to that.
  13. i have to call my bank every time I order i guess the site is known for fraud
  14. that is merely your cards security... mine does it everytime... no big thing just call and tell them the order is valid. i would rather have that happen than take a chance on someone placing bogus charges on it.

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