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CaliToker--and ATTENTION TO ALL !

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by roach, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Re: Is The DEA Legalizing THC?


    just a fyi....folks

    this forum is open to the public, and hack reporters.

    If marijuana is ‘medicine,' potheads, then submit it for FDA approval like every other drug

    It's no surprise that the Obama Administration is about to change drug enforcement policy so as not to go after users of “medical marijuana” who are in compliance with state laws that allow it.

    There are 14 states in which you can legally smoke pot for “medical” reasons: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

    But federal law prohibits it, and the Bush Justice Department continued to enforce federal law even where the states presumed to legalize the practice.

    Now, I will not pretend to be without an agenda here. I vocally advocate abstinence from all mind-altering substances, including alcohol (so you can save the “alcohol is worse” arguments, potheads), and I lead a youth group dedicated to that goal.

    That said, let me point out a huge problem with the whole idea of “medical marijuana.”

    You may not be aware of the fact that there is an FDA-approved drug called Marinol, which contains THC, the same marijuana ingredient that provides the pain relief supposedly sought by “medical marijuana” advocates.

    The cannabis-is-medicine crowd claims that Marinol is simply not effective enough, which is why they fight for the right of themselves – er, I mean sick people in pain – to light up a doob. It's the only thing that provides enough pain relief, they say.

    OK. If that's the case, then do what drug companies have to do when they develop a new product: Submit it to the Food and Drug Administration for approval to put it on the market. That's what the makers of Marinol had to do. They had to find an effective way to deliver the drug in prescribed doses (smoking a substance is about the worst possible way to do that), and they had to make the product safe, which meant delivering the THC without the 400 carcinogens you get in marijuana smoke, including enough tar to pave your driveway on a hot day.

    The advocates of “medical marijuana” have not done any of this, and if they rolled a joint and brought it to the FDA for approval, they should surely be sent back to the greenhouse and told to find a way to deal with all these problems and more.

    That's because marijuana is not medicine. It is grown and distributed for the purpose of being smoked by partiers who want to get high. If it also happens to offer pain relief to cancer patients, or helps them regain their appetites after chemotherapy, that doesn't change the fact that it's a party drug. It simply means there is stuff in there that might do some good if you can separate it from the bad stuff.

    But the medical marijuana crowd doesn't want to separate it from the bad stuff, because it's never been their agenda to help sick people. That's why just about anyone in California can get a “cannibis card” by claiming to be sick and paying off a willing doctor.

    Don't believe me? Join the discussion at Grass City, where pot smokers openly discuss the scam:

    """Grass City""""""" is an embedded link to.....Is The DEA Legalizing THC?

    CaliToker explains: “i see you live in palo alto california. All you need to get your canibus (sic) card is $100 for the doctor and $25 for the card. Just go visit one of the many medicann locations… , tell them you get headaches or cant (sic) sleep. You dont (sic) need to bring any sort of medical records with you, they just take your word for it. Youll (sic) be in and out in 5 minutes with a recomendation (sic) that lasts 1 year.”

    IceCreamKidd adds: “In Oregon all you used to have is any sort of ‘severe pain', my spouse qualified and only had minor carpal tunnel. Talk to your doctor and see what they say.”

    Clearly, these people are scamming the system because they want their party drug, and the system makes it very easy to do so. That's why they don't accept Marinol, because you can't party with it.

    But if they're really serious about marijuana as medicine, let them put it through the FDA approval process like every other drug, correct the inherent problems, get approval and take it to market legally.

    Then again, when 14 states and even the federal government now sign off on their scam, why should they bother? Toke up, Arlo. The federalis figure you're not worth the trouble.
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    don't let idiots use your own words against you/us.


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    sorry site is so slow...this has taken over two hous to post.

  2. this is all swell, and don't take this the wrong way....

    first... in reality, people (atleast in American society), are going to abuse things. Whether it be meth, cocaine, pot, or a cheeseburger (Look at the obesity rate). it's human nature and it's inevitable, so bitching about it won't do much. it's never going to stop. (you're wasting your time here:wave:)

    Also, Smoking pot probably won't be accepted by the FDA for a long time (If ever, because of the carcinogens, i think everyone understands that), but there are alternatives like edibles, vaporizers and other stuff like lotions, bath salts, etc... that don't involve any tar.

    And you say Marijuana isn't a medicine? It has more medicinal properties than the majority of any "medicine" we have now. It helps with a large variety of ailments with very little ramifications compared to our prescriptions that are manufactured and distributed today (Also safer). In fact, I can't think of any natural drug that is more beneficial, with as little risk as mj has, but maybe im just high, right?

    after all, I'm just a "pothead". :smoke:
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    This is where you lost me.

    Are you serious??

    You are either uneducated on the matter, misinformed, trolling or all three.

    Which one is it??
  4. Can you please link to the article?
  5. Well whoever wrote that is just... dude.
    Of course people are going to try to get the card for recreational use alone, but a huge number of people use it to actually relieve a large number of symptoms.

    Wtf guy who wrote that. not even chill...:(

  6. There, fixed that for ya...
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    "If marijuana is ‘medicine,’ potheads, then submit it for FDA approval like every other drug"

    First, you start by calling everyone on this forum a pothead... really?

    i mean really? your gonna start a supposedly intellegent conversation about marijauna as medicine and your going to call us all potheads? how about cancer or MS patients?
    theres plently on this forum and yet you just called them potheads.

    I have myasthenia gravis, i can barely fucking leave the house without cannabis and you dare to come onto this forum and try and bash our medicine for what? really? what are you accomplishing by showing us your ignorance?

    you only mention thc and yet there are over 88 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. There is an endocannabinoid system in pretty much everyfucking mammal including humans. this system is responsible for regulating your homeostasis, without which we would die.

    You sir, OP, have cannabinoid receptors in your brain in higher concentrations than any other receptor. You are currently producing chemicals in your body similar to those found in cannabis, and they're keeping you alive.

    So gtfo here you pothead...
  8. Do your research. The federal government does recognize smoked cannabis as medicine, and they supply a certain number of US citizens about 300 rolled joints per month to treat their illnesses. G.H.W. Bush shut down the program because he didn't want people to think he was soft on drugs. So they're not accepting any new patients in their federal program, but they have pledged to continue to supply those patients who are in the program for the rest of their lives.

    Hypocrite much? :wave:
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    Calm down, it's an article from somewhere else, OP is not the author. He was pointing out that some hack journalist out there quoted posts from this website to slam MMJ. More of a warning than anything. We all agree that the content of the article is stupid and pointless, so I don't see why we should even be arguing about it at all, really.

    OP - You might want to wrap quote tags around the article and share the source link to avoid the confusion.


    Written in October of 2009
  10. The federal program is officially a research program (although no studies were ever produced by the government). This does not amount to a recognition of smoked cannabis as medicine.
  11. It does however in the sense that if they didn't recognize smoked cannabis as medicine, then from their perspective, they knowingly "poisoned" 13 people and still provide "poison" for four people today.

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