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    I find that type of body control awesome.  If you like that, Frank Medrano also has pretty crazy videos.  I really would love to start Oly lifting but not before I get closer to that type of control of each muscle.
    Hope we can post links here, its been awhile 

  2. That's one hell of a coincidence, I just looked at a frank medrano video today and it is insane, what's crazy is that he is a vegan. They have a website that explains the work outs and even give vegan diet tips. The only downside is that the vegan foods high in protein also happen to be high in fat and calories (more than chicken breast or red meat), but the work outs are insane.
    A Frank medrano video:
  3. Dude is a beast.  Another guy to look up is Corey Hall.  He's on youtube and big on facebook, if you have one.

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