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[Calikushtv] Dab Of The Day... Medicated / Super Faded / Eluhvated

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by eluhvated, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Hey what's up everyone, so some of you might have already seen some of my videos but I decided to restructure my format posting on here to make it easier on bandwidth. Basically all you have to do is click the link below and you'll go straight to, the only daily dab smoking series on the planet.
    I'm going to occasionally throw a video in the thread to give an update, here's the 50th day in a row episode.... enjoy. :smoke:


  3. thats dope man whats the song on video 50
  4. Whats up with this dab fetish fad?
  5. My own song, I rap. You can get my new EP "The Innermission" for free at 
    With the EP download you get the song in episode 50 as the bonus track!! Just put "0" into the box if you want to get it for free.
    Here's a little bit more personal check in

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