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  1. So Im almost positive Im going to California for spring break this year and I was just wondering about what I should do while Im there. Ill be staying with my aunt but I was trying to make a list of places I should go see such as landmarks and stuff while Im in the state. And also if Im just visiting, how hard would it be for me to get some chronic if i dont really know too many people there? comments please:wave:
  2. If you are willing to ask people you can get weed anywhere in CA. Be open with people and just ask, 90% of the time if they look like a stoner they are. Some things to visit... what general area will you be in?
  3. what part of the state are you gonna be in? cali is a big state
  4. 3rd biggest in the nation, with just about every climate and geographical type.
  5. Hmmmm, ya got one week?
    Let's see. . .
    Redwoods, Mt. Shasta, Death Valley, South Lake Tahoe, the beaches: Huntington, Santa Cruz. . oh yeah, and the Pacific Coast Highway, from one end to the other.
    I am so joking, ya know. :D
  6. Oh yes! I will definitely have to make that stop. Thats like one of the biggest stoner landmarks ha
  7. Well thats good to know because I was thinking about taking some in a deodorant stick but i dont really want to risk it when they def have some of the best weed in the country. But to answer both of yall ill be in San Diego but I have the opprotunity to travel around. I want to make the best of it while im there
  8. seriously theres so much to see I dont know what is worth going to since i only have a week i probably wont get to see nearly as much as i want to but oh well. All suggestions are helpful

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