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  1. So I have used grass city before many times to read other threads, but this is my first posting. I had a question regarding medical marijuana laws in california and how it relates to warehouse zoning and such. Basically, I am looking to get a medical marijuana grow setup started in a warehouse in california. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience in doing this? I dont know much about zoning, and I was wondering if there is a specific zoning I should be looking for. Also if there is anything else I should be prepared for with doing this that would be different than doing a house grow op. I have grown in my home before but I would like to expand, so I have been looking at doing it in a warehouse. Any insight from anyone knowledgeable in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thank you much and happy toking.
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  4. Check with your local zoning office. Also consult a lawyer. Rules and regulations vary between counties
  5. I live in CA also and have gone through the State laws pretty extensively although its not much to go through, and it does not say anything about whether you have to grow at home or anywhere else, as long as its not where it can be seen and children dont have access to it.

    Regarding the City or County laws, I doubt any have a Cannabis growing law or regulation so it would come down to Cultivation, and I would doubt they have a law that prohibits growing tomatoes anywhere, and the MJ Laws are so new that nobody has changed anything to dial in on Cannabis specifically. You should be fine as long as the Warehouse owner does not object.
  6. I grow in CO so beach will know more about local law than I. Here in Colorado the laws get pretty specific and our mmj laws are far younger than California. A for profit grow must be in a commercial zone. Can not be near schools, daycare, rehab centers ect ect. If this is a business more than a hobby it would make more sense to check with your city council or whoever zones you as well as an attorney before your up and running. In my opinion
  7. Wow,, Your allowed For Profit Grows? We have collectives here is CA, so everything is Non Profit, or at least its supposed to be. We have a few dispensaries that are pretty blatant when it comes to making money and not really caring about the patient. Those are the ones screwing it up for everyone else.

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