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  1. Ive been looking around at vaporizers because im graduating and have a influx in cash right now and i want a vape. The headshop where i want to go only carries California Vapes. I really want a vaporbro.

    Is this just as good? it comes with a 3 year warrenty and a whip and maybe some screens. Its glass on glass connection, and a whip, for $199. I can probbly knock it down a little bit because i want to buy a space case.

    Should i go with this california vape, or should i try to get a vaporbro. If you have a cali vape please let me know how it is and if its worth it.

    Thanks Dudes.
  2. If you're looking for a whip based vape below the 200 dollar price point, I would suggest the following:

    VaporCannon by Vaporwarez
    Da Buddha by 7th Floor
  3. i have money but i just cant decide if i should go with this california vape or not
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    If you are looking for a whip based vape under 200 bucks, I would suggest going with the ones I suggested above rather than the Cali Vape, but then I think I already said that in the post above.

    If you are willing to go over 200 bucks for a whip-based vape, than look at the:
    Silver Surfer
    the Vaporfection

    If you don't want a whip based vape, than there are a slew of other options.

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