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Discussion in 'General' started by eleven357, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Hey what's going down fellow Cali tokers? I've seen a thread representing the midwest and Florida, so I thought I should start one. If this is a duplicate let me know and I'll delete it. What part of Cali are you from and whats the latest strain you have smoked? How much are you paying for an eighth, quarter, half, and OZ, respectively? Please represent Cali on this thread. Post you dankest nugs and your Bad ass pieces!

    Representin' Cali and the 661 (previously 805)

  2. I'm from EAST L.A. Much love for California.

    I am glad I live in CA because you can always find some BOMB shit. Thank you Prop 215!:D

    The latest strain I smoked was called ATV; some bomb medical. I headed down to Venice Beach yesterday with some homies to purchase a new bong for another homie's B-Day. Since we were in Venice Beach I decided to ask around for bud. Some girl came through with that hooked up gram of ATV for only 17 bux! Hell yea went back home and got FAAADED.:smoking:
  3. Yeah I love going to venice beach. I remember one time my homeboys and I were down there and were looking to buy some new glass. There were these guys from Sweden who barely spoke english but enough english to tell us they wanted to smoke some weed and all they had is hash. I was like, "Fuck yes we will trade you some weed for some hash" They were the happiest swedes I have ever seen after that, but I was pretty fucking happy myself for scoring some good hash.
  4. I'm from the 559, Fresno mayne. It's normally to see 8ths for $60 of the bombest Cali herb. But i get that same herb at 40$ an 8th. It's about who you know :D lol. Man, I was smokin on some "Super Silver Haze" 10 min ago (4:20) Mmmmhmmmm yum.
  5. I'm reppin' Oakland and all of Nor Cal. You don't need me to tell you we got that gooooood shit! :smoke:

    Oh yeah, I pay 30-35 for an 8th of mids, 40-50 for DANK. I just got an 8th of an unkown purple strain for 45 this morning. It smells sooooo good, but I'm waiting till tomorrow to smoke it. I'll be ending a 3 week tolerance break so I know i'm gonna be pretty baked.
  6. I be repping the 408 hahaha santa clara fa sho.

    I just picked up an 8th of some diggity dank Granddaddy for 45 yesterday, just got a new pipe for free from some chick that was jockin hard hahaha

    My prices are 8th's for 30-35 of mids 40-50 of dank, qauds are 90 (only buy dank quads) 1/2's are 140-160, O's are 200-260

    We gots that killer cali crops
  7. Los Angeles Califas representing 113%
  8. 510! Grape$
  9. 760. smokin on some thunderfuck from the clinic.
  10. dank nugs in the 661 area:



  11. By 661 do you mean Bakersfield, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, or Lancaster. All of them are 661.
  12. I don't think that would be wise of me to reveal that.
  13. Representing the 510, East Bay Area and all of California.

    We need to unite!
  14. SoCal! 805!
  15. yo, eleven357- that bubbler is siiick man.
  16. I'm representing the Valley 209 FTW! The weed is bomb here for some reason NORCAL is the best!

  17. Fuck that, SouthSide homie! Haha nah jk, man.

    Bet the bud is bomb up there. Going to visit round those parts soon.
  18. wussup im from the valley san gabriel LA county 626 for all of the raza in killa cali:smoke:
  19. Hell yea SGV got some fine hoodrats all day long.

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