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california seed banks

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by maplehacker422, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Which company sells california seeds? Im in cali trying to grow some cali weed but i only see california orange bud and yumbolt but i know there has to be more strains that that.
  2. its all about the clones in cali.. shits legal there. with a clone your guaranteed a solid phenotype.
  3. Blue dream seems to be a hot one, I haven't gotten my hands on it yet but i hear good things. You can check budbay, although i've never used it personally. I actually scored some great god's gift clones (a GDPxOGK CA hybrid) from craigslist. You need a doctors recommendation though.
  4. Another clone only variety.
  5. Bump

    Cali has at least 10 new seed banks. Most sell feminized "clone only" genetics.

    But are they legit? Anyone grown any of the Sours, Mosca's Cindy, the newer OG's, Bubba ect FROM SEED
  6. Humboldt seed organization and Cali Connection both offer goos strains from Cali on the attitude seedbank website.
  7. Holisticnursery.com is in San Diego. They have free overnight shipping and great specials if you check their facebook page. They have cali connection, tga, mtg, gage green, kens, and more. Cant beat having the seeds the next day, and its sill by buy shit made here in cali from europe imho.

    There is also Norcal seed bank in Mendo, but i dont think they are shipping yet.

    Also, be careful with cl clones, lots of bs going around, trust me. Theres lots of awesome fire new genes coming out that you dont need to rely on clones.

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