California Sales Tax - Medical Marajuana Users

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by Frank Baroni, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. I'm sure I am not the only one but I was hoping that I could still go in and purchase medical marajuana at the price I have been paying rather than also have to pay the sales tax on it as well. It is a big burden as medical marajuana is expensive as it is and now it is getting ridiculous for people who use it medicinally.
  2. Dying sick = No Grow... sick person- hey I'm sick... dude= go grow weed! sick person= I need to wait months? = no go bro
  3. Or you could buy weed while you're waiting to harvest... but I guess thinking one step ahead is too much work for some people.
  4. If you have your doctor's recommendation, you don't pay tax on your purchase.
  5. Sorry McFooey, but you are wrong! In Siskiyou county, at least, medical users pay tax on their cannabis!
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  6. San Bernardino county doesn't. At least the 2 dispensaries I've dealt with in the last month didn't charge me tax for medical.
    One was a church and the other seemed a little hinkey, like not 100% on legal status.
    The church is an actual church you have to join. The sacrament of cannabis is part of the belief of healing ones soul.
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    In California, everyone has to pay the excise tax even if they have a state-issued ID card. A doctor's recommendation is not enough. The card lets medical users skip the sales tax only. They still have to pay excise tax just like everybody else.

    [Edited to correct misinformation posted earlier. It's the sales tax that medical users with a state ID card can skip, not the excise tax.)
  8. use delivery services they bake in the tax. i'm buying my seuff 20-30% cheaper than others i know

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