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  1. I have a couple questions that have come to mind since CA Prop 64 has been enacted:

    1) Does the 1-oz recreational possession limit apply to private residences, or does it only apply if I take it out of my house? In other words, if I have 3 oz in my house, am I breaking the law, or am I OK, as long as I don't take more than 1 oz out of the house at a time?

    2) If the limit DOES apply to my home, is the limit PER PERSON, or PER HOUSEHOLD? Can I possess 1 oz, and my wife possess 1 oz, for a total of 2 oz? If so, can we keep it in the same jar, or do we have to keep the 2 oz separate from each other (in order to plausibly say that half is hers and half is mine, and I'm not possessing 2 oz by myself)?

    I know that it's unlikely for our house to be raided if it's for personal use and we're not doing anything else illegal, but I'd like to know that we're within the letter of the law.

  2. As I understand it, you can only carry an oz on your person. Unlimited amount at residence. I don't care to hear otherwise anyways :smoke:
  3. I've wondered the same thing. In the law it also says you can have 6 plants and keep the harvest from those 6 plants.
    6 plants if grown outdoor, will yield way more than 1 ounce. I've got one plant going and it's probably going to give me 2 pounds. Conservative estimate.
    So I'd say that you can have over 1 ounce at home, but it might come down to how a cop would interpret the written law.
  4. In your case of growing your own, first make sure that growing outdoor is allowed. Most cities in Ca have banned outdoor cultivation. They can't ban 6 plants growing, but they can "reasonablly regulate" which means they can force you to grow indoors... so first off check your local city ordinances.

    If you grow your own, you are allowed to keep all of the harvest at your personal residence. As the law says it must stay locked and out of public view. 6 plants are only allowed per household, not per person.

    As far as if you aren't growing, and have more than an oz... leave it at home as you are only allowed to transport 1oz at a time (per person).

    I'm not a lawyer, but have read the law many times and I believe what I posted above to be true and current.

    I believe if you are a medical patient, and have a valid rec, you may be able to transport more... but I am uncertain on that.
  5. I live in an unincorporated part of southern California. City ordinance doesn't apply.

    Medical recommendation says you can grow 6 in flower or 12 in veg. One or the other per rec.

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