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  1. Im looking to move to cali sometime in 2010. im trying to find a good area to move to any suggestions?
    i know cost of living is expensive but im sure i can manage.
    I just need away from the south ( mainly Tx) i lived in Ny for half my life then moved to GA then been in Texas for 2 years in Jan.

    I want to move to Cali not only for the medical MJ but to meet new people and make decent friends, plus i always wanted to be near the water.Plus i was always interested in Carlsbad
    So any help on great places in Cali would be appreciated!!!
  2. I like northern cali personally.

    Santa Cruz: nice town on the beach, and also close to mountains so you have it all. Very chill hippy town, however it does get somewhat touristy. They have a concert area there and always have some big bands playing so that is always a plus!

    Lake Tahoe: a small peaceful mountain town, perfect if you enjoy skiing or snow boarding, and in the summer it is great for mountain biking, canoeing, boating, you name it. Tahoe is a place for the outdoorsman, however it does get quite a bit of tourists during winter, and even summer. The lake is beautiful !

    Humboldt: need I say more?
  3. i heard santa cruz is pretty good. i dont snowboard man but i skateboard lol so i dont mind being around skaters. whats the cost of a one or two bedroom?
  4. honestly IDK, just look up prices online.

    though santa cruz isn't cheap I can tell you that..
  5. I'm trying to get people to leave seems to be working.
  6. Watch out for santa cruz man...they're hippies EVERYWHERE
  7. California kinda sucks man, there is alwaus traffic, douchey pieces of shit are all over the place. It seems like 33% of the population doesnt speak english, the quality of the roads and freeways fucking blow. Meth heads are all over the place. The smog is really bad, most shopowners don't give a shit about the customer. We probably will be out of fresh water in a decade or two, there hasnt been a decent winter in a couple of years. Theres lots of cholas with drawn on eyebrows, So-Cal lifted truck douches run rampant (even up north). If your moving and want a city life on the west coast go for Seattle or Olympia, Portlands ok, theres alot of tweekers though

    Source: lived in california all my life, been all over the state numerous times
  8. yea i was looking into seattle too. but i heard its always raining up there. theres douchy people everywhere esp. texas. i just want to move to a nice place where people arent such assholes ya kno? i heard cali has alot of scumbags but i figured there would be some places where it would be ok. hippies dont bother me much unless your hippies are like super crazy epic or something. seattle tho, im looking at places there now...suicide capital of the world huh ? lol
  9. The Hippies are super epic in Santa Cruz haha. I'd recommend a beach town like Redondo. Those are really nice. Aside from the bullshit Nanny-state laws...California is awesome =].
  10. Especially if you surf Then California is definitely the place to go.
  11. yes a lot of cali does suck, this is mainly socal. Get up to the mountain areas near the OR border and it is a different story.
  12. my state of mind at current moment:

    anything is better than texas.
    id put up with hippies,girls with too much makeup,fat girls in small clothes, ANYTHING.

    rendono huh? i heard that place was crazy.
    i dont want to be too close to LA.
    what about Dublin?

  13. Here are the only cities i would choose to live in:
    Bluejay / Lake Arrowhead

    Arroyo Grande / Pismo Beach

    Paso Robles

  14. ill look into those. i just have to make sure i can transfer jobs
  15. Just move to Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach for the first few months of being in Cali so you just get it over with, pop your cherry all at once on the whole Cali thing. It's SUPER expensive to live in any of these cities so just roommate it or couch surf it. Then move up north Arcata, Mendocino area there's lots of good weed and it's cheaper up north. See this is what all good hippies do they move up north to get there head together then you get old and bitch about all the new schoolers and move away.:wave:
  16. i went to hollywood before on vacation. not my cup of tea.i dont have to couch surf, ill just get a place...actually my job branches out to norcal, i dont mind hippies lol

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