California = New Mexico?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kevin08, May 17, 2010.

  1. Nope, sorry, it's actually old mexico! Wasn't it only 160 years ago that we acquired this land from Mexico in a pretty useless "war"? This immigration stuff is getting ridiculous, what we need to do is embrace the "illegals" coming here, not to be racist, but our state would probably be overgrown, unharvested, and all our houses/offices/restaurants filthy. Now, i know our state is all for immigration, shit our governor barely speaks English, but it's become more of a racial issue than immigration, a true government policy, not one for the public.

    Now, with all the violence down there, and drugs primarily being the problem, it seems the issue has enlarged for no apparent reason. The people who are going to commit violent crimes here/Mexico will find a way to do them, a wall won't stop them, and it's obviously not keeping the drugs out. So why waste even more tax dollars on expanding it, when we could just work on our own problems, we are the ones fueling their drug wars, it's our money being sent down there! Sorry to rant, but i just saw a facebook post and thought this should be addressed on multiple fronts.
  2. How is that "not racist"? Just because you added a little parental advisory before stating it?

    "We need to stop being racist and give amnesty to all Mexicans.... because if we don't our yards will go to shit..."

    Classic logic.
  3. I never said all the illegals were from Mexico, which is why i said stop being racist because Mexico has the biggest target on there back. But it is a fact here in Cali, primarily LA county, that 40% of the workers are working for cash and not paying taxes, which means they most likely do not have a green card/social security. And what do most of those jobs include? Landscaping, textiles/manufacturing, farm labor, food and dining, and commercial cleaning sevices.

    And Mexican isn't a race, it's a nationality.

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