california members with med cards????

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  1. I have my card and I'm growing my meds. They are only 2 days into 12/12 and I'm questions california if u are a 215 patient and are there anything a landlord can do if they find a grow?...or is that a form of preventing a patient of meds?...if any one knows about these lil things that make a big difference let me know.....

    Included is a pic of the crop to show why I can't part with them...its my 1st hydro grow...and look at them!

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    Hon, we have zero in the way of protections when it comes to landlords! They find out, and you're out! Same with jobs- you get drug tested, you get fired! California is very liberal about cannabis in some ways, but we are still in the "dark ages" in others!

    California is great, but there is still LOTS of room for improvement!

    Become an activist, and maybe we can make it right!

    Granny :wave:
  3. Thanx....

    I want to change it....and doing everything I can do as far as myself(one person)..but we need to keep pushing forward!....

    Let's just hope they don't see it in the garage...or if they do...that they won't mind since I'm semi-legal......state/fed ordeal!

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