California man shot in face by alleged burglar sued for shooting back

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  1. California man shot in face by alleged burglar sued for shooting back   - NY Daily News

    If your in a liberal state you do have to think twice about defending yourself. You would think there would be no way this guy has a case but in libertopia EVERYONE is a victim.
  2. Arizonans passed a proposition eliminating this type of liability on homeowners defending themselves from criminals. Though I might not live there anymore so, shit.
  3. This got thrown out of court, no real story here
  4. Did anyone notice that in Public School their is no such thing as self defense? In middle school there was a bully who was always trying to beat me up because I was one of the few white kids. He even told, it was because i was white. Anyways I told my teacher and of course the teacher does jack shit, so the kid corners me at lunch and we fight, we were both suspended, and I got an ass whooping from my Mom but the kid would still not let up.

    Even though I had done everything in my power to prevent the fight and I had only acted in self defense once I had been attacked, I still got in trouble with the adults. A week later the kid corners me again and I just let the kid hit me over and over and over again. I just stood there and he kept punching me in the face. I was called a pussy and all of that other shit by the crowd. Afterwards I went to the principles office and her first inkling was to start filling out Suspension forms for me. I told her I had not touched the guy. So they took pictures of my bloody face and bruised neck. And sent the kid to another school

    When I got home I told my mom what had happened and she said well why didn't you get an adult. And I said, "fuck you and fuck adults, this is your fault." She grounded me, but I was cool with that. Maybe if she wasn't drunk all the time she would have stood up for me with the school and stopped my bullying.
  5. Yes I did notice that. The best way to stand up to a school bully is punch him square in the mouth the first time he fucks with you. It's probably one of the few times that I think violence is the answer. His parents probably enable the behavior anyways so there's no need to worry about them.

    Fortunately I never had that problem in school. It was in a relatively small town.
  6. They told me to run to the principals office if you're gonna fight somebody. :laughing:

    Yeah, sure.
  7. Did you open the crate yet??
  8. This is why you aim for the head.
  9. Big fucking deal. They're giving him a court case, which apparently got thrown out. All I see from OP is liberal bashing nonsense.
  10. Fuck those liberal states. This is just like that Trayvon Martin even though it was in the south, south Florida is about equivalent to California. If that shit would have happened in north Florida that shit wouldn't fly. Self defense is a right. If someone breaks into my house, they're going to either hear me cock my springfield or a click from my .38 special, whatever's closer. I'm going to shoot a motherfucker if they try to break into my house. If you feel as if your life is endangered you have the right by me to stop that endangerment. We really need a southern Republican president with leniencies on certain things (legal marijuana and gay marriage). These gun bans, that birth control bill, and the government constantly inching themselves into everyone's lives is all bullshit. We should know well enough that these "liberals" are fucking Marxists. It should be called Republican Party and the Socialist Party and symbols for them are an elephant and a snake because that's what they are, fucking snakes. Yes, I am a liberal basher because I don't see what makes someone think abortion is alright, giving money to low income people out of other's income is alright, that it shouldn't be a free market, and that we should leave ourselves defenseless against our enemies. The way I grew up influenced my views alot. It wasn't because my parents were republicans, it was because when I was a kid, it was me and my brothers. My parents worked open to close in their restaurant. We ate breakfast together and that was it. We lived in a one room apartment. My brothers and I slept in the bedroom and my parents slept in the living room. Three kids on a king bed and my parents shared a twin and they bought the used mattresses from the hotel in which the restaurant was connected to. Then all of a sudden in the 9th grade my parents bought a 3,000 square foot two story house on a lake. Then they bought new cars for the first time in both of their lives. And all of a sudden they were at home all of the time. They didn't have to work anymore. We didn't have food stamps, welfare, or low income housing, because my parents had too much integrity. They worked their fucking asses off so that we could one day have easier lives. They didn't say,"Oh well, we tried our hardest.". They pursued their dreams and made it. Our vacations went from Dad going motel to motel looking for the cheapest deals to staying at the Ritz Carlton. I learned that you do whatever you have to do. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but I am very passionate about my political views so maybe someone will see the light.
  11. So we can't let women get abortions and we can't pay for their kids.

    Your parents were fortunate enough to own a business and have an apartment, you think this shit is low, you had it easy, son. You think anyone and everyone can just work hard for riches? You are really that fucking arrogant?
  12. The only people I have pity for is the people that can't work which are the mentally disabled, physically disabled, and the elderly. Everyone else have no excuses. I have learned that anyone can get by and to feel sorry for a select few. I honestly don't think I'm arrogant at all. I think I just see it how it is. If I had to I'd grow vegetables in the woods and sell them at a local flea market. And my parents were fortunate? Fuck you. You god damn fucking liberal. You sound like Obama when he said that people who have businesses didn't build their businesses that the government did by giving them a free education. My parents weren't fortunate to have a business they built it from the ground up. I swear to god if someone said that my parents were "fortunate" to have their business I'd probably just see red and wake up standing over them. I had it easy? Government assistance would have been a lot easier. Raising my little 2 brothers wasn't easy especially while raising myself. I had to constantly look out for them. And my parents definitely didn't have it easy but they do know because they worked for it not because they were fortunate so fuck you.

  13. Boo fucking hoo, do you want a tissue? Grow the fuck up already, I was born in Ghana and raised there for 6 years. I saw kids walkin around aimlessly probably looking for water in an arid shitty shanty town. And that's just what I can remember. Plenty of fucking people had it harder than you pal.
  14. That's a totally different country. I'm not comparing myself to kids in third world countries. I'm comparing my parents to people that don't want to work. I don't have pity for myself. I know I could have had it harder but for him to say that my parents were "fortunate" just pissed me off.
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    Yeah, you're right. Anyone and everyone can't work hard for riches anymore in this country because the federal government has instilled such an insane amount of regulation in the business sector. The federal government is able to steal money from hard working people and give it to poor people to get votes. This is the reason why democracy is an absolute sham. Giving money to poor people does absolutely nothing to fix the problem in the long run.

    It's about time honest, hardworking poor people get off the government's teat and create a service or product that will improve society as a whole. But this can only happen in a truly free market, not the marxist/liberal fantasy land that power-hungry sociopaths like Barack Obama thrive in.

    Edit: And James, sorry to hear about your troubles in high school. I never really got picked on in school. Fortunately, I was in the "cool" group of my school and whenever I saw one of my friends picking on somebody, I literally told them to fuck off, even if it was one of my closest buddies. I lost a couple of friends because of it, but I gained a lot of respect from a lot of people too. Honestly it all has to do with parents, and I pity bullies because it really isn't their fault.
  16. How can you agree with him but preach the same shit I preach?

  17. I think you are too flattering towards most "liberals" by also bestowing the label "Marxists".( by liberals i'll assume you mean non-Republicans ). Being a liberal does not imply being a Marxist any more than voting for Bush or Mitt Romney implies an allegiance to the constitution. Also your sig says "think for yourself and question authority" yet you want a Republican president... simply put, i think there has been enough rampant political bullshit throughout the last 10-20 years, er fuckit lets just put a more realistic timeline on this and say the last 2,000 years. Basically, i think i have enough questions as it is without another Frankenstein occupying the white house trying to smack the world over the head with a bible-print shlong/labia. Sadly, most of the democratic party is the same. There are third parties though that unfortunately America is too afraid, demoralized, proud, lazy, indifferent, or whatever to vote for.
  18. I don't understand why people equate American liberalism with Marxism.

    American liberals are not Marxists.

    Marxists are against the existence of the state, which means less government. They are closer to anarchists than liberal democracies.

    I wish people read up on different socioeconomic theories before wrongfully assigning them to people.
  19. I agree with you completely, I'm blaming the government though, not liberal thinkers.
  20. I stand corrected, throwing the word marxist in there just sounded good because it has such a negative connotation lol.

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