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  1. I've finally decided to pull the trigger on a small indoor garden. It isn't the first time I spawn the idea; a little over a year ago I bought most of the big stuff (hps lights, inline fans, and a huge rez and tray. I decided that it was too big of a jump and am in the process of selling most of it off. I still, however have the itch to grow, so I'm in the market for an LED light. I've read extensively about LEDs, seen grows, and've come to the conclusion that it is what I want. It's a little more hassle free and less interfering as a whole.

    I've narrowed it down to either the Blackstar's 500w, Dr. Growrite's 450w, or California Light Works' 400w Solar Storm. At $850 (after coupon), however, the Solar Storm has to be worth the extra change. I realize that we are already half way through 2012 and don't want to pay 850 and watch Blackstar release an all 5w LED in a couple months, for a few hundred less. I haven't read anything hinting that any other company is even working on an all 5w led which is why Im posting.

    Has anyone here heard or read anything about another all 5w LED being produced? Something around the same wattage as the 400w.

    Are 3w LED lights just as good?

    Any suggestions or arguments for other setups would be great.
  2. if your going to spend 850, just save up and get this


    yes its more... but it has more penetration power than LED... and you'll be unique... LED grows are just not up to snuff yet...

  3. ^^^^This

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