California Is Almost There!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by MattyHollywood, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. One step forward, two steps back. Can't believe anyone voted for Feinstein........

    Anti weed, anti gun, anti freedom.
  2. Well this is good news.

  3. Is he going to win or something? I didn't know that about him. I'm in NJ, so it shouldn't effect me.
  4. Dianne Feinstein is a former gun advocate who used to carry a concealed weapon because it made her feel safe, her words. Then she found out she could get much more votes with an opposing position and is solely responsible for the previous assault weapons ban.

    She is also extremely antiweed and all for govt control. She's the primary reason that this state is so fucked up.

    Recently an opponent ran against her, an unknown, and she won her seat again this last election. Her first public comment was that she wants to ge tthe assault weapons ban passed permanently and federally and has said that she wants to do away with grandfathering programs, pre ban. She also said she's all for going door to door and confiscating guns.

    She is trying to push the ideologies that screwed up California onto the rest of the U.S. so that she fulfills her agenda. She's a very powerful person because she has made a career out of trampling rights and is one of those old school, favor for a favor type politicians.

    When she won the last election, she said the people of California have spoken and now she knows they're in agreeance with her, though she barely won if I remembEr correctly.

  5. Oh shit. Glad I don't live there... :-/
  6. Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer are two shining examples of why we need to impose term limits on these lifelong parasitic Congress members.
  7. I seriously couldn't agree more. Term limits would eradicate this problem.

    Problem is, whose gonna vote to limit their power?

    So congress, we want you to give up know, the things you take away from people every day. Doubt it will happen.
  8. I understand Gov. Jerry Brown (uber alis, California) passed a tax plan to balance the budget out there. Me thinks their projections are probably just a little "pie in the sky" as politicians tend to do, and the resulting deficits will look very bad for the Republicans in CA (even though Brown's campaign of taxing the rich and raising sales tax sounds suspiciously like Obama.) ;) Need some extra revenue? "Hemp for Victory!" :cool:
  9. Guys! i have a question, how is the laws on smoking weed in LA right now? Im traveling there this summer and i want to know the laws, as a turist am i allowed to smoke? sorry for being offtopic but can't find a answer anywere..
  10. I live in cali, its illegal(obviously and sadly) but its fairly easy to find connects if you know smokers there, the only problem is that usually connects are expensive versus the Dispensaries which i go to

  11. Alright thx, how much will a card cost me? :)

  12. I think you gotta be a resident dood
  13. Yes you do need to be a resident, and its not really a card, its a paper recommendation from a doctor. Would be nice if Marijuana was simply legal than nobody would have to worry about it. but typically its 60$ for one, but i got mine for 50$. sorry dude :(
    but if you know someone with their recommendation, that could work too :S
  14. When I went to get my card the girl tried to charge me some stupid insane amount.. something like $150.. I was like.. "do I look like a fucking tourist?" Then the price fell to $35.. ahahaha..
  15. That made me go from sad to happy.
  16. Wtf! Girl needed to get bitchslapped then! Haha 30 is a hookup!! :p. so it all worked out haha
  17. Why does it seem like SOCAL is shutting down dispensaries..or atleast raiding them a shit ton? Iknow that LA mayor pretty called MMJ a joke, so it seems to me they are just raiding to make statements.

    I'm guessing it is too take attention off of high unemployment,and other crime by going after dispensaries because the busts are easy 'money' ?

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