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  1. I went to place an order with these guys, but as soon as I "proceed to checkout" a page wanting a password comes up. There is no email, phone, contact info, etc. on their site to contact them about this. Does anyone know how to get ahold of them?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Might be a wholesale site if it's asking for a password.

    Or, you need to create an account before you checkout? Not 100% sure, but if it's asking for a password and you cant find any contact info that sounds fishy...

    Edit: I looked at the site, and I was wrong on both guesses lol. If you notice it says "this post is password protected, please enter password". I'm guessing they haven't finished the checkout and dont want anyone to see it or it's some weird exclusive thing. I couldn't find a way to contact them either :/.
  3. you can try posting on glassdistrict
  4. First of all... do you live in California? If not, find a new site... they will not ship to you.

    I have the password.
  5. I am in CA. I would love a PM if you could. Thanks.
  6. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can get the password to CGC. You don't have to know anyone or do anything special. I just bought my worked pillar perc on there last night:p. So, now I don't really care if people know the password or not.
  7. Of course. It's not a private site... it's just a precaution. My question is how are people supposed to get it? I had to ask somebody who knew already.. but there has to be another way since its public.

    And there are certainly people who don't want it out there because they want their SG and it goes like this :bolt:

    Honestly, I don't care though because all I want is an inverted 4 and I intend on buying that secondhand down the road. I'm mostly through with multiple perc tubes.
  8. Yeah. I would say most people who know the PW don't want anyone else to know. I know I wouldn't want anyone to know the password if I was still trying to get a pillar perc tube. Ive had to check that fucking site constantly on a daily basis to get my hands on that damn tube. Last night, I was lucky enough to get one.

    The demand for Sovereignty is absolutely incredible. Last night 5 pillar percs were put on the site at 2:30 AM EST and about 20 mins later they were ALL gone (keep in mind these tubes are $800-$1100 depending on how much work/marbles) I couldn't believe how fast they went.
  9. CGC is not a password protected site.... if you live in california you can order. that simple.
  10. LOL it certainly was not that simple. It was definitely password protected last night and for a bit before. It may not be PW protected today, that doesn't mean it wasn't pw protected in the past (yesterday) and won't be pw protected in the future... go read the cgc thread at GD.
  11. Woah... a 521 sighting on GC. JK ;)

    Edit: Has anybody else noticed that if you edit a post within 60 seconds the "last edited" message doesn't show up. I thought it was just me... but LiquidDreams just did it too.
  12. I heard on GlassDistrict that CGC is updating their website.
  13. yah, i believe they put a passward on it sometimes to prevent purchases while they are updating the site. I've never purchased there so i really wouldn't know. just the world on GD
  14. So CGC is down for the count?
  15. yeah has been for a month + now
  16. it has been closed down
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    and 521 runs gd?
    i contacted tehm to update their main page

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