California Earthquake 8-7-12

Discussion in 'General' started by Henry Krinkle, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Just feel that earthquake?
  2. Haha knew someone would post this yeah not too strong though
  3. I felt the ground vibrate but my friends house was shaking and shit.
  4. I didn't feel anything.

    Where about did it hit?

    Im in the I.E.
  5. I think they're fun. Although a big one would be scary as fuck.

    This one was just two jolts.
  6. No i didn't feel shit, pussy ass earthquake son.
  7. Btw the earthquake was in yorba linda
  8. Didn't feel anything up here but my dog did jump up out of his sleep all of a sudden. Dunno if that means anything
  9. Didn't feel it. Was in the bathroom. Got a text from a friend telling me it was a 4.4 in Yorba Linda. An hour away from me.
  10. I live next to Sac town so... no.
  11. I was at the gym when it happened. I saw the windows and other shit moving but i thought it was me getting down on the bench press. No one stopped their workout so it wasnt that bad.

    I always think of my glass when it happens and check it. All glass is accounted for =]
  12. lol Cali problems.
  13. Eh, honestly Ive never had anything break in an earthquake. If a big enough one hits its a possibility.
  14. Im in anahiem/buena park. That shit shook my apartment and got my heart racing, fuckin scary shit when your faded, home alone in the dark and your apartment shakes for like ever lmao I felt like I needed to call someone i was that shooken up haha imma baby :{
  15. Cali has been chill for a long time as far as earthquakes. All these little shits under 6.0 don't count. We're waiting on the destroyer. Break Cali off the coast and we become our own Country. That's if we don't go down under. Get ya snorkels out mofuckas!!! :D
  16. I live in Ohio, never experienced an earthquake. Sounds scary.
  17. I don't think I've experienced scary yet. I mean the Northridge quake back 94' was confusing. I was young, and I was awaken by this violent rumble and shake. I guess I was in shock pretty much the entire time and didn't know how to react. I know now if(when) a 6.0+ hits, I'll be tripping mad balls.

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